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Tantric contemplation Soul food through the crown out the heart ...cycle that yum yum

Sentient beings wish to return to their origin where their nature will be in perfect unity.  Quote n° 4305 : The Surangama Sutra , Buddhism 

Though in reality there is no bondage, the individual is in bondage as long as there exists the feeling of limitation in him. ... In fact, there never has been any veiling or covering anywhere in reality. No one has ever been in bondage. Please show me where such bondage exists. Besides these two false beliefs, that there is such a thing as bondage and such a thing as an individual mind, there is no bondage for anyone anywhere. (1) ... The individual soul (jiva) is Shiva; Shiva is jiva. When in bondage, it is jiva; freed from bondage, it is Shiva. (2) ... The knowledge of the identity between the jiva and Shiva constitutes liberation; lack of this knowledge constitutes bondage. (3) Quote n° 3688 : Tantric scriptures , Hinduism / Tantra Source : (1) Tripurarahasya ; (2) Kudarnava Tantra, 9.42 ; (3) Ishvarapratyabijna Vimarshini  

"The Tantrika form of worship is a very slippery ground. Hence I say that this province has had enough of the Tantra. Now it must go beyond" 

However, the dakini expresses feminine gender in only a qualified sense, since in her absolute essence she represents the ultimate beyond gender. From this point of view, she has no allegiance to anyone; it is inaccurate to say that women alone possess the dakini. When the practitioner truly understands this, liberation from gender concepts can be glimpsed. The wisdom dakini can best be understood in terms of her enlightened essence, the four dimensions that depict how the limitless nature of mind can manifest in human forms dedicated to the welfare and awakening of all beings. Judith Simmer-Brown, Dakini’s Warm Breath However Dakini Expreses Yoginiproject.org The path and the way, the processes by which we get illumined, lie in Tantra. In "Articles by Babaji Bob Kindler". 


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