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After an Energy release

Side-Effects Of Releasing Your Energy Releasing energy constraints do sometimes result in unwanted side-effects that can manifest itself in different ways; crying, anger and irritation, old forgotten memories surfacing, gagging, pressure, and contractions. This is because emotions and memories are bottled up in the tissue of the body and when tension is released, these emotions shower the body. It is important to be available for that experience, to accept it, to let yourself feel it. If you do this fully, and truly immerse yourself into the moment, you will find it lasts not longer than 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. 

For example, if you feel sadness arising, maybe seemingly out of nowhere, embrace this feeling by getting into it. If you need to release it by crying it out, or experiencing the pain in the heart, let yourself do it. After doing so, you will be left feeling lighter, as if a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You will find that the extra baggage that you have been carrying around is now gone. This will result in great joy and newfound energy resulting in a better start to the next day. So, if you find yourself in that purifying moment, remember that it is short lived, and what is waiting on the other side is all worth it. Just breathe through it and accept what shows up. Ultimately, this practice is not only tremendously pleasing, it is also highly healing as well. Years of social conditioning, sex shaming, and repressed emotions keeps us from truly experiencing life’s pleasures – key one being an immensely powerful orgasm. View this experience as a way to shed unwanted layers from yourself, diving in to discover your one truth. The more layers you shed, the closer you get to your true sexual expression. The more you open up and allow the universal life-force energies to flow through you, the more joy and happiness you are channeling into the world. 

And please

 if you are NOT taking energy mastery seriously, and are NOT ready to show up 100% committed with your time and energy, please do NOT apply, to save both our precious time. Otherwise, I’m looking forward speaking to you soon. 


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