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Click on underlined words if you dare. 😝 Holotropic is the topic and blonde again. .sssshhhh

A light hearted look at Holotropic breath ..so to my Tantra guys stop complaining! You could always step that breathwork up😜

My journey named the Psychonaut journey is a lot different however I use the techniques I learned through the Grof Transpersonal training. Only trademarked holotropic training source. 

I also add a Shamanic Vibe as I do with all things. Ritual and ceremony Take us back



To our source. 

Past life DNA activation the book that reads itself to you is your DNA. Just in case ya didn't know. Now you do. 

Just breathe

Just chill

Just be





While breathing your ass off and get nakie if ya like cus it gets 🔥 Hot


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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