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Let love move YOU

 Be as lazy as possible. Commit to absolute laziness. Don’t do anything that you don’t have to do. Just lay on the floor. Don’t breathe~ unless you can’t help it. Don’t blink~ unless it happens by itself. Don’t think~ unless thoughts occur despite your best efforts not to do anything. Be utterly lazy~ and then whatever you find yourself doing~ do as an offering for others. For instance~ if a blink happens feel the blink as a work of art~ offered outwardly for love’s sake. If others were to see you blink~ they would feel “Now, that is a beautiful blink.” Eventually~ you will need to get up off the floor to pee. Or, maybe you will be so lazy that you’ll just pee where you are~ in a growing pond of your own pee. In any case~ pee as art~ as an offering, as love’s gift. This example probably seems exaggerated~ but everything you do is love’s gift~ unless you are unwilling to be lived by love’s force. Do nothing~ but if doing happens~ do it as love’s most fully offered art. This disposition is~ nothing happening but love. Living any other way is suffering. Have you noticed? You are actively participating in an interconnected chain of opposition~ struggle, and destruction. For you to read these words~ computer chips and plastics were probably produced in less-developed countries by men and women paid barely-living wages in factories dumping toxic byproducts into our shared atmosphere and groundwater. You are a link in a chain of suffering that affords you the luxury of reading these words. It’s not your fault~ but it is your responsibility. Perfect freedom~ unadulterated laziness~ is perfect responsibility. Rather than self-interest or personal desire~ love moves you when you are too lazy to move yourself. Love is responsibility. You owe it to all beings to commit to laziness~ absolutely. Be so lazy~ choice disappears. Only a singularity remains that moves you. The only way to break the chain of suffering built of self-interest~ is to allow the singularity of love to do your actions~ words, and thoughts. Do nothing~ except what you must do because love has its way through your body and mind. This may necessitate raising a family and achieving a high-paying career~ or it may require becoming a monk in a monastery or a tree-cutter in the Amazonian jungles. Discover love’s means. Add nothing personal. Too lazy to act on self-interest, how does love move you? This is instant enlightenment. Keep trying, until you’re tired of trying, and then trust love’s bursting~ through your body and mind. Commit to perfect laziness~ giving up choice~ adding nothing to what love makes you do spontaneously. David Deida