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Peak Orgasm Energy Orgasm...

The main distinction between a regular peak orgasm and an energy orgasm comes from limitation. While a regular peak orgasm is only limited to feeling pleasure in one part of the body, i.e., the genitals, an energy orgasm is not. Rather, it is an expansive feeling that can be felt throughout the body. The energy orgasm can been described and felt in several ways; a warm stream, a fiery bolt, tingling in hands and face, cold shivers, electric currents, and, or trembling muscles. A person is left feeling ecstatic and light headed, a sort of natural high. It can range from being a very strong sensation that involves your whole being, that is all the 5 ‘bodies’, to being much more subtle. In order to experience it, it is necessary to develop your sense of orgasmic perception, to think and feel from a new perspective. The 5 ‘bodies’ of yoga are called “Pancha Kosha” and they consist of – 1) the Physical body, 2) the Energetic body, 3) the Emotional body, 4) the Mental body, and 5) the Spiritual body. All superimposed on top of each other, the physical and the energetic compose the gross body, and the emotional and mental compose the subtle body, while the spiritual is the cosmic body and the most refined. The ‘energy’ in reference to an energy orgasm can originate from and move through any of these bodies. In order to experience and feel this energy, we need to train ourselves in order to see things from a new perspective because an energy orgasm is different from the explosive peak orgasm that comes with ejaculation and/or clitoral stimulation. A regular peak orgasm is usually short, intense and feels more like a quick release, usually followed by a feeling of drowsiness. This type of orgasm takes place on a gross body level and tends to stay on that level. On the other hand, an energy orgasm often feels more refined and eloquent, since it usually runs deeper, in most cases, affecting all of the different yogic bodies. This, naturally, leads to a more profound and exhilarating experience. Redefining An Orgasm In order to experience an energy orgasm, you need to redefine the way you think about the experience. Try to expand your belief of what an orgasm should look and feel like. Most of us believe in the traditional orgasmic experience – a 5-20 second peak orgasm, centralized to a single part of the body. We must broaden that view to include more subtle pleasurable sensations that may not necessarily come to mind when thinking of an orgasm. Sensations such as the goosebumps you feel when caressed lightly by your lover, or a sensual whisper near the ear from a beloved. Or the first physical contact with your partner, especially after a long sexual hiatus. 

These sensations don’t always need to be physical either. Think about the bliss experienced by someone diving into a slice of decadent chocolate cake for the first time after a long diet or the awe felt witnessing a sunset on a beach in a tropical country. Yogis will be familiar with the spaced out, light feeling after an intense session. These small sensations are often overlooked. And so, when you are able to shift your orgasmic perception, you will slowly start to experience these small sensations and experience a more pleasurable life. In a nutshell, it is opening yourself to a more orgasmic life by redefining what an orgasm is. Enjoying these subtler experiences, will surely put you on your way to experiencing an energy orgasm on a whole different level. Releasing Energy Blocks A starting step is to ensure a free flow of energy. The free flow can only occur if the body is free from constraining energy blocks. These blocks can occur on both a physical and energetic level. Yoga Asanas and bodywork practices can help with physical blocks while Pranayama and breathing practices can help with the energetic level. When the preparatory work has been done and your body feels more open, and relaxed, you have the foundation set to start experiencing an energy orgasm yourself. To cause a stir of orgasmic energy in your body, start with breathing exercises. Take deep breaths all the way down to the stomach and core of your body, all the while moving your body in swirling motions, and using your mind to direct the energy. Key point to remember; energy follows thought – energy flows where your mind goes. Use the power of your mind to move this energy up from the genitals to the heart, bridging the sacral chakra with the heart chakra that will result in a deeper experience where erotic sex is united with connected intimacy. When this union occurs within, the pleasure of the energy orgasm will increase 10 fold and it can now radiate out from the heart, shooting out to the peripheries of the whole body. Once this connection has been established, you can stay here until you feel you are capable of moving to the next level which would move it higher up in the chakra system, to the throat chakra. 

At this stage, it’s important to be expressive with sounds. Don’t hold back expressing yourself or your pleasure, because that can also be a limitation to how well you will activate the energy orgasm. You can express yourself using moans or making pleasurable sounds. You can chant mantras, hum consonants, or even say the name of the chakras. Speaking loving words to your partner will also do it. 🌹Steffo Shambo 


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