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I pass the teachings on pure & raw. . .

From sacred texts is where I derive all I incorporate into my life practice. 

Not from the interpreted version mix smorgasbord of others. I use my own sequences mix of hermetic, tantric - Egyptian and Tao more so than neo and I offer them as a journey but what you do with that is simply have a glimpse at what can spark a fire in you to expand and heighten your own life practice 

Whether you do it for a runner's high over the top focus or for self discovery or success or self control. . .whatever is all on you. 

It is not religious by any means at least not from my perception that I share except for my staying that I see a unity amongst the teachings of all great sacred ancient paths, religions. Orders and philosophies. 

So without tainting it or damaging the goods upon delivery, here is a beautiful explanation on the Science of breath. Appropriately titled. 

The science of breath


I do a series of yogic breath in my practice but in a meditative rhythmic style. I add it to my kundalinini chi yoga flow.

Or before entering meditation I use this as a deeper controlled breath starter and get into connection etc. 

You can add it to tantric sex starters, before a workout, when experiencing anxiety. 

When manifesting. 

When the fuck ever. 

It's good for you. 




The art is by Amanda Moore


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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