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Its not any where close to human. Source. Your source by so many perceptions. Why would it feel compassion towards you or anyone? When Compassion is a human feeling. Elevated non the less but human. Am not speaking in the positive or negative sense ..am speaking in the real. And you are The human. Aren't you? These qualities and things you yearn for are things that only you posses at this level. You in this human experience must discover those within yourself in order to feel them and in mindfulness you will see how your humanity was and is one of the most amazingly fucked up anomalies ever. So full of desire. It was made so full of desires. Ultimately that soil it was made of filled with desire for the existence sparked its eternal self discovery and the fire of how crushingly beautiful it all really is in the scheme of things. But ..yeah ..you are it. The humanity you seek is what you are presently embodying. Rise up. Its U. Be careful what you wish for when going down the rabbit hole. Bows Shakti My 2019 intention be an arrival 2019 year of the Shaman ..hooowwwwllllsss Catch me while you can. #shaktidurgatantra #shaman #web #interconnected #humanity #alive #realityisyou #mimic #enhanced #human #goldenspiral #tantra #toolforexpansion #rumilover #today #quantumleap #ihavetaken 


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