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Tantric liberation n pics👽👾✌

In Tantra, yes we are liberated. Of course sexually liberated and on a path to being free from suffering but through work not a magical "bing". 

Through self analysis, through even in conversation for example; not being shifted from your stillness. 

If someone says something  and it offends you. . .


If it is true then why be offended. 

If it is not true then why be offended. 

Why even have the last word?

I say no to a lot of people. Many that hit all my sites but if I do not feel as if there is a comfort level, a possible connection, why be uncomfortable in my skin and change my vibe? 

It doesn't  click it doesn't  click. If someone starts with a slew of limited judgements then I tap dance for a little amusement and accept it's not my deal. The experience  of that person or that place is not for me and so I choose to not experience  it. If the person tries to assume and such that tantra is sex and blows in the subject more and more based on the sexual liberation tied to it when people research it I say:

Yes we are sexually liberated. We also see that physical sexual exchange is more than just bodily ooos and ahhs, secretions, gooey  bodily fluids haha. 

It's more. It is energy exchange and then the realization that there is no exchange. As a human being who has cleared chakras, karmic cleanses, healed and done shamanic inner journeys through monsoons and the rainforest why?


Would I want to mix my juicy vibes with someone who isn't even open to receiving simple unadulterated good yummy vibes. 

Someone who wants this and this is how and when and where I want it and I am going thy o hump a little cum and maybe even be athletic but sorry for me ..that is amazing but it's about the vibe. Performance is required and having a Latin or ethnic sway ..Arabic hips vs the in and out in and out.

And again why not?

Being sexually liberated doesn't mean you fuck the world. 

It means I have amazing experiences because my hips said mmmmm 

My mind said tastey intelligence. .ahhhhhh

My soul said ..game on this is going to raise our vibration baby!!

Tantric sexual liberation can mean more than one monogamous tie and being poly or just shag a lot with integrity. Offering only that which you can. 

I was accused in the past of not being able to be tied down relationship wise and no I can not if it means giving myself any part of myself up. 

I love the sexual partners that I get to witness falling in love with the revelation of themselves. Those that need another as entertainment or light are just not for me and that is ok. 

Why hurt yourself or others?

Be authentic 

That is Tantra

Speak your truth and boundaries

Be sexy

Be free


Just be



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