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Daily pics with a twist from a brain

Get into the simplicity of it. 

In tantric massage I attempt to get you to observe the observer. To the place through the meditation where for just one moment you let it all go. And you follow everything  you feel as a witness. Acknowledging the "state of the union" perhaps. A good term 😊😋😎. The tension, the unwinding and where are you unwinding. The purpose intent and like a spiral you go deeper into who ...what is unwinding and is it unwinding. What is witnessing these feelings that you are feeling and experiencing. And if you don't care then you won't get tantric so just ask for Nuru  lol. But if you do then you follow that and then witness that mind expanding experience of witnessing the observer and then going into that space but not staying there and not staying there waiting to see the observer because then you would be in waiting. Like your life. 

But witnessing and surrendering. 

Once you are in that juicy mindless mindfulness nothing and yet everything space 

Once you let go of the mind and the logic and the analysis of each and everything you are feeling, THAT is when you shut the fuck up and surrender. 

Surrender to the will of all the ditties because they all told you to fucking surrender. 

You got free will and you can stay trapped in it all or you can open the door. 

Ask receive

Let go 

All paths said the same but with a twist. 

A perv for a cause ?


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