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The night in the Ring and the Demasculinization of the Sacred Masculine. Taking down the sexes.

The sacred masculine is needing rest and nurturing.

 The demasculinization of our kings happened right before our eyes. 

Without blinking an eye we traded it all for a carrot. Where to begin? 

It was really a split opposition and all were targeted. 

Lets begin with the down grading,

 the devolution of the divine feminine. Adding a blow to the womb by declaring the divine feminine energy as that of temptation, weakness, lower vibration. That one was an easy hit.

 Well played. 🙌

But then they further attacked the divine feminine by bringing on the carrot of women's liberation. 

Taking the woman out of the house in order to fill empty spaces in factories, business, commerce, service world due to all the men being at war. With the woman out of the house given this freedom,  she knew not how to control and master, she began getting lost and losing more due to this, the sacred masculine was left motherless. 

It is true, women wore suits and rose and voted but the role of the mother was never the same. 

With this new freedom, sexually speaking, the divine feminine was left to become whatever the media dictated. The new definition and devolution of the divine feminine was almost complete. 

Because, you see,

**** then the division began to spiral, like a virus, attacking all in it's way increasing fear meant increased speed!! multiplying the infection  weakening the system.  

Women had United for rights and in large groups but now opposition. couldn't have that! And the tree e were now holed in the divine feminine energy. 

Oh no. So the media became a master of Puppets. Women divided easily. The divine feminine was given freedom and indeed entered into the Male work place, 

Her super power, her ability to organize, gather, nurture, be this strong female energy, well it was redefined~her role was, for certain production & the masses conveniences. 

Her purpose and essence began getting a bit faded. 

And I don"t mean a woman's place is in the kitchen. (Keep it high vibration/open mind...more...just a little) lost and insecure already. . .the division was a piece of cake. 

Sold to the masses!

Divided the divine feminine energy was weaker and so the Sacred Masculine who was still treading along. Out to war! Building bridges! Fiber optics! Weapons of mass destruction! Impotence! Developing American psycho insecurities of his own, he was going down. Blow after blow they beat that Energy up while getting it to destroy itself. 

Both energies under attack. By some Conspiracy? Who are the they?

I am a simple minded 😎 woman. I say no. It's the math in it. If you understand math you get it more. 

It's just natural opposition.

 Once something is created slowly perhaps from one perspective, in the blink of an eye from another. The opposition is created as well in this playing field of "polarity". It's just the beautiful order, purpose expansion is a symptom of deeper self awareness, the surrender, the replication ,seeking/elevated hunting  nature of it. We can get into what caused polarity to occur here but that deserves a separate entry. This is a lot & enough to savor  but I would love to dialogue about that. Exchange perspectives regarding that "Big Bang". 

Its fascinating and hope I get polite and different perspectives on it through emails or in person. 

Now. Back to opposition.

 The Divine feminine  and Sacred masculine are two ..like electricity, atoms, positive and negative and a blast force of nature, shiva shakti sexual like energy, filled with desire to create and manifest. 

Divided they are their individual power house but weaker as well. 

The ultimate quick rapid blows that came next were within the reach of our memories. Within at least you memories from the days of history class, for fifth period. 

The wars left scars. Brought on the age of COPING!!!!!!

 Drugs became not underground mystical goodies of alchemists and shaman.....mmmmmhhhhhmmmm.

No they suddenly became a business. The role of  Doctor redefined itself. It seeped through through many weak cracks in the energies. 

 The masses needed something, religion was collapsing. The reality that Petro fuel could run out, that the Earth did not have endless resources started setting in because it sped up! Humanity discovered it was still vulnerable, wars were not as before either. War evolved with a sprinkle of capitalism. Profits and colateral damage entered the picture in technicolor. 

This seeped deep into the veins of mankind and the gender hate. Someone had to be to blame.

 This is polarity baby. Who is gunna take it up the ass?

Well, that side war continues, btw. Infiltrating relationships, work place and more. 

The coping became the norm. Why? Because the machine, the wonderful creation known as man was not made to be a rat. 

We continue.

 The root chakra of mankind was destroyed. Insecurity. Loss. Loss of true identity even more so than before. 

(Before you would enter the playing field forgetting you were a spirit having the embodiment experience  of Life. Evolving into another form as energy naturally does. 

Before we had that to maneuver and so life was one way. 

But now not only is the human being entering with amnesia, forgetting  the true nature of his being but also with the root chakra of humanity out of balance,  man and woman now are not even sure about the purpose and true nature of their very gender. The gender in this embodiment is in question. 

What is a man in 2019? What is the definition  of a woman?

It is, to me, like Tesla stated he felt. This is what Tesla described by the way, (with the link to source where you can read more on this after quote).

"In the past the reason why Mr. Tesla never married was because his estimation of woman placed her on such a lofty pedestal that he could never bring himself to feel worthy of her. Now that she has, as he feels, stepped down from her pedestal and bartered all her noblest qualities for what is called her “freedom,” he is even more disinclined to matrimony than he was before." 


That happened. Right before our eyes. It was like a boxing match. Blow after blow. Punches to the mind, the heart, the gut!

Woman could not nurture her man in the same way and sadly he needed it more. 

The gender hate and it's all his fault, she gets jealous, he's too possesive, a playah ..now online extra marital affairs...and since they had the beautiful union divided culturally, seeping into ancestral damage because generations continue layering the web, since we have you Divided and unable to get that which you need from each other, we give to you: drugs!!and more alcohol and as you seek comfort during your transformation into a productive rat (which btw became a most logical deal because the fuckers kept MULTIPLYING!) (We BROUGHT IT UPON ourSELVES BECAUSE we got comfortable...NEVER QUESTIONED.

Now, keep up with me. 

Although humanity was lost in the dark forest it had some brilliant, beyond belief beings that had sharp minds which they yielded as weapons and sharpened as tools *humbly. Meaning The Einsteins, Tesla, the mystics, prophets. 

 Mankind had brilliant knowledge droppers, perhaps a few (many were simply not recorded) but great. However aside from few in the masses, that escaped the ~matrix~

Mankind just fell into a coma, low vibes, reacting, reacting, not questioning or just accepting it was lost and fucked. Mankind was and is-

Coping! Mankind took a nap in the poppy fields. 

Inevitably perhaps. Too many broken souls to produce strength.  Vibrations lower, times and darker with a planet reflecting that. Climate wise, environmentally showing signs of stress sending S.O.S signals. 

Big Twists and turns and opportunities  for opposing energies to take a nice firm grip and throw some finishing touches. 

Having to multi task, produce, produce, produce, mankind coped more and more. Divided and weaker the intimacy and satisfaction levels from the weaker sexual energy connections made both men AND women thirsty. 

Although gay is neither here nor there in this because this is about mankind as a whole it is proper to mention that it was OBVI that men would turn more and more to eachother for at least something  closer to the energy and vibes they needed to fill the void left by having a weaker divine feminine. All relevant. 

Women turned to women. More and more older women are appealing to me because they are more masculine and hearty than our younger men and have that nurturing sweet vibe closer to the true divine feminine energy. 

It multiplied in numbers, bisexuality, homosexuality and sexuality transformed as energies do. Inevitably replication ....math and flow. Slow ya roll. 


Satisfaction.  The temporary satisfaction  that lasts as long as the ahh and the next morning when you will have a hard on again.

Sexuality..sex ...or the lack there of the real good good shit that electrifies the spine and brings the soul alive alive. Ahhhhhh it creeped in from erotica to taboo claiming  this taboo or that taboo ..naughty ..nice, good guy bad guy, whore, nympho, limp dick viagra party coping mother fucking Reality evolving. 

As mankind changed mentally and emotionally so do did it change, sexually. 

Needs were met more and more in different ways. 

Not just the old robed guy touching the youth but different levels of NOT perversions but screams of DisSatisfaction in waves of porn, date rape drugs, molly molly molly make me feel! Feel! Feel! 

Oh we can go so deep into the coping age and its beginnings. All philosophically awesome and researching from an economical perspective it was also too much of an open market ready for sharks to take over because the sleeping coping humans were creating such a sweet market. 

And hey look! New drugs new side effects ya limp dick floossie. 

Take the sacred masculine down all the way. A straight blow to the balls. 

***Lets play commercials over and over about how size doesn't matter but here are a few options on fixing that issue you have!🤣😎

And since you can't satisfy your woman because you are too stressed out, here's some sex pill that might kill you but


Haha it gets better. 

The sacred masculine energy needing comfort and nurturing Plus that instant satisfaction he got used to,  made him a perfect rat customer evolving the ancient profession of prostitution  into strip clubs, peep shows, magazines,web sites, products, lotions, harder dick drugs, movies, live! Live! Extremes taken to another level. Porn porn porn because men and women started having less and less time for sex.  Let's sell them this so they can imitate it and then feel worthless in comparison and finally break sex!

Take it far away from its original purpose. The reminder of its divinity. 

And let's split the scene because while the sacred masculine was walking off to a computer screen making his dick raw while waiting for the beeping slow dial up or pulling out the blockbuster porn ..haha. 

The Divine  Feminine was grappling saline and silicone!

Blowing up her lips to look like a puffer fish ready to get on her knees because she was suddenly realizing ..holy shit ...what just happened? 

which led to more! More! 

Social media offered as an option to replace human interactions, because there would be absolutely no time for that. 

Human contact.

The family being broken, left the energy of the sacred masculine without its innate nature. Or ability to exercise & use his gifts. 

The masculine didn't have to hunt, it learned other things, but the connection to his primal origin got weaker and weaker.

It is now to a drastic point when children are asking for gender reversal. 

It's real. It happened and both men and women let it happen. 

Men are more lost now than ever and the gap between the intelligent and the less intelligent, is getting wider. 

The strong divine feminine goddesses are our true saving grace. The ones that can work on raising their own vibrations, connect to source in a clear pure intention way, help guide and unite their sisters plus guide humanity a frequency and time where the sacred masculine can rise again. 

Meaning the Divine feminine energy must be stronger, till the sacred masculine rises again. 

This doesn't have to do with Gay or sexual activity preference.  This is deeper. This is about the essence and nature of these two energies 

I can be balanced and amazingly bisexual. Or enjoy a transvestite, which I have and a hermaphrodite.  Hey...no judgement monkeys!

This is deeper. 

The equal and not weaker sex must step into its role as the a force to be reckoned with. Unite. Balance herself....rise.

The sacred masculine must let go of the reigns, rest and heal himself in order to rise after the divine feminine heals the soil and nurtures the land in order to Rise into a stronger/higher heart/liberated/ manifestation of the new king. 

The second coming. 

Written by Shakti Durga 

Shakti Durga Tantric Arts, LLC. 

Exciting times indeed.