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Meditate on water element be water....flow into this

Meditate on the water element. Go swim in it. In the water element learn #flow In the water element absorb wisdom vibes 🦈🦈 sonar...waves .waves..vibration, sound under water This will help you when trying to get to know your vibration. Go deep into your meditation. Create your rhythm through breath #Inhale #exhale through nose 😎👃in and out for 8 rounds then deeper n slower baby. #despacito 😎 for 8 through the mouth💋. Cleanse on the #exhale #receive from yourself #empower that breath with your #presence You will flow on the breath for a little then Expand ~imagine floating on the water& through the back #chakras allow the love, peace, answers ..in [back of chakras receive /front send out your message. 2 sides different spin] Inhale, exhale breath rhythm matches imagination up and down of the waves of you are good. If you are you may feel buoyancy and almost smell salt water. Learn to use ALL your senses. In memory you connect so connect with what your imagination and you create. Allow the #water #element to pour into you its wisdo. Love, Flow, strength, percevearance, glistening diamond reflection kiss, its thunderous storm power, pull from the depths of the ocean into your kidneys, your blood, your life. Connect with the water element. Send it love for you are mostly Water. Be water Contemplate and bring in that which serves you. Release let flow out of you. That which does not. 8 count alternate nose mouth, create your rhythm, join into the rhythm of the water with #breath #letgo #receive send love & gratitude for the experience. Now inside your soul to the water and watch the waves rise and bow to you mu gods and goddesses. Love just IS By Shakti Durga ____________________ www.shaktidurgatantra.com Get in a trance through your rhythm n flow ___________________ But pierce the darkness with just one look. ____________________ #meditation #sensualninja #reno #tahoe #lasvegas #neworleans #hawaii #punatic #maui #losangeles #tantra I said I would drop the knowledge n go. #walkthewalk #takewhatservesYou