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Possible most probable away and away we go!

From the basics

"Possibility" means something may happen, but we don't know how likely. "Probability" means something may happen, but we believe it is more likely (i.e., more "probable") than not. 

The possibilities are endless, aren't they? You could have this, if you had that and that if you maybe had that too. To get this, you need that. You are vibrating in shit. Vibrating in indecision about your true self at the core. You can not imagine any other way nor dare to imagine any other perspective. You stand hands tied behind your back making no motion towards any goal what so ever. Your energy vibrates slow. Cold. Attracts low vibration where connect the dots, or light filaments and you are now part of a wave of slow moving vibration...weak signals.you behin vibrating more and more in fear now creating that which you "believe"you are trying to deflect. You can not vibrate in doubt. You must go into nature and absorb its changing nature. To the moon to embrace your cycles. Do something. Explore yourself. Dare yourself. Do not be hopeful. Do not be nice in expectation. Do not vibe in fear. Instead explore, make connections, move, take yourself out of the ordinary. Here another math example. You say fuck it. This is what I envision. No one else, no conditions, no anything but you smiling, glowing obviously happy, you can increase that a little or shield yourself more as well. Its magic and Einstein's "imagination". You must believe that there is a spot deeper within yourself at a higher level of all that is really good to make the most of this experience in a state of happiness. It is your birthright but you must allow it. __________ In order to vibrate like that, you must think n vibe from the heart. You must leave the brain behind. Tell the brain it is now simply recording and doing the lower duties, you will now come out of the subconscious to the conscience more and more. You will analyze now. You are the observer, the conscious observer. You use your free will. You choose what you imagine when you jerk off, do you eat experiencing pleasure, savoring it, having gratitude, getting yummy all over. Or do you scarf it. Like a zombie or pig ignoring your body begging you to stop. Who are you? What are your dark memories? How are you judging yourself? Now eliminate the mind and don't judge. How are you vibing? What is your vibration at those specific times? Know your self. Know they self. The hidden god is within. This is a tough fuckong game of inches. No doubt. You explore yourself daily. What do you feel like now? Why? Now get deeper. How do you feel In general about life? Now? You are the life experience itself. What are you feeling? How does that feel ..same question but literally not emotionally. Observe. Now connect to that juicy sweet happiness moment. No conditions. Just how do you vibe when you release? Connect to that Euphoric bliss. Let go. Be mindful when you Cum. Connect to it Flow with it. Now bring your vibration together with that. Bring that higher self happy you together and raise your vibration to meet that. Like Tesla said you must have 3 A trinity. The Orgasm, the connection to higher self, the present vibration. Merged through the breath and heightened kundalini sexual energy. Gotten however you raise your vibration. You raise your vibe You change your tribe Your surroundings Your way of thinking Your way of feeling Your way of fucking Even of responding vs reacting. You can not send mixed signals. You must love yourself to believe in yourself, you must do so unconditionally. The purer your intentions the stronger the vibrations you send out. This is key. Heal the root and face yourself. Experience yourself and others. Just vibrate in love when you dont know what to do. Chill relax. 

Watch yourself. Notice what signals you are sending. What waves of energy are you flowing in?

Raise your happiness vibe. Chill and smile at life. Attract smiles. Inhale them. Be tantric about life and it gets better. A wave is about thoughts attract a vibe so a fearful anxious person will vibe in creepy dangerous things, have bad luck. Get sick. Be afraid and drown in a wave of fearful people waiting for salvation. You must be grateful for the experience and demonstrate understanding of the bliss that it is a mystery. And it reflects YOU more and more to you. By all around you. Its beautiful baby. It can be so good. But you have to let go Release There is control in the surrender.

You must taste it Inhale it let it flow in from your back chakras and exhale let it flow out of you into onto your reality. So much more. Vibe in waves Possibilities turn to probabilities Then you lazer up Shoot from the heart Cum Energy body Physical body Ahhhhh it's good. Probabilities turn into realities. Watch yourself Choose your thoughts Forget emotions of lower heart Go to higher heart mind Explode Implode In love No judgement Just love the experience Desire it so much so You create it You have gratitude for the power to create. You love your creation You saw it and see it with your soul You have the alchemy in you It's in the blood Possibilities All numbers Beats Symphony What are you vibing What is your vibration Frequency Psychonaught??? Shakti Durga Tantric Arts, LLC www.shaktidurgatantra.com