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Ohhh the O

“Realize orgasm is not an all or nothing thing..  You can have mini ones.   You can take baby steps…  a small wave… or a ripple of energy….  these are bridge builders…”  ~Ben Tarlow 

"However, the intention of touch with the Sacred Intimate is not ‘gratification’ or ‘entertainment’ but instead healing, awareness, transformation, inspiration, learning, self development and exploration of sensual, sexual, erotic and emotional experiences." Betty Martin 

“The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through the path of Tantra.  When your heart is open and you are making love, there is no separation between you, your partner and God.  This is healing sex.  This is connecting with the Divine.  And the important thing to develop is the sense that this sacred experience is available in all instants.  It is not limited to sex. “  ~Philip Smith 

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#mindfulness #meditation #love 


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