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I-Ching Ching you

It is not about the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on famine, the war on cartels, the war on corruption... It is about each individual war within. That resonated with me at a lecture a long time ago now. It is. That tiny hint of greed in you. That tiny darkness within. Go deeper into that. Not afraid of a little introspection. Goddess Kali style are we? That inner struggle with lack/abundance, unattachment/attachment, strength/humility, excess/moderation, aware/escapist, compassionate/foolish, not capitalist but into making a buck due to value of what you truly have to offer or out of a smidge of jealousy or do you not really...really have anything to offer and inflating the price a little? Do you like what you do or what you get to do because of what you do? What other little spots of darkness are in there? No judgement just observe Not the outside The inside Are you hopeful, fearful, desperate, wanting, wanting it to last forever, wanting this or that to be this way or that? Why? Dont get caught in the vines of the mind. It is ok. It's you. But you see If we are Energy If we are. . .*?* Those polarity struggles, those tiny inner filaments of light that dim and shake rattle n roll into lower vibration, increased & magnified by the harsh elemental essence of it all called pairs, strings, multiplication of those vibrations or almost lack there of... Find each other...the light goes towards the light. The darkness...what of the darkness in you? Think it hides out for eternity neatly tucked away? It needs love too. Just like they say all the chunky ones need love. ----Darkness expands. Just based that on the physics of Dark matter. So Boom! One inner struggle vibrating &shaking up a storm in that zen filled light energy body of yours...multiplies one heart by one heart. Nature finds a way in that Jurassic park of yours. And you raise a finger at the chaos around you. Pointing away at the technicalities, the profits, the actions of all the evil around you. It is around you. Isnt it? Well at least on your planet. The real war, wars, are not being televised. Shakti Durga Tantra #you #me #us #one