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"What we think, we become"


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Happiness and you

Happiness is our birthright. Just to be here experiencing and discovering should be in awe, honor and bliss just because of the gift. We develop several altered personal definitions of happiness. 

Stop for a moment and contemplate non conditional happiness. 

Connect With your own heart. With your own awareness and heart to pure happiness taking out the conditions.  

Society may define it for you as success also according to set terms, or as being comfortable, having the trophy spouse or mate that defines and says "you have arrived". 

However you are the one that has to choose and use your power of free will, stretch and know thyself deeply enough to stand up and not just define it for yourself if need be BUT be it.

Be happy because it is your simple exquisite 

Birth right and choice. 

Love the mystery of life and of your very being. 

Choose your own path 

It's the only one for you all others are taken 😊