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Material Spiritual ...which way do we go? What do ya do? What an unusual view ..

One of my top questions I get from tantric journey co-pilots, from young people and old, single, married, all genders One of my top questions I get from tantric journey co-pilots, from young people and old, single, married, all sexual preferences & genders is: "How do I combine my spiritual side, my spirituality, with my material world." What do I choose, when I need to eat and possibly feed my family?

There lies the first road block. Who said they were two different things or separate? 

Really? Who says they are not one in the same? Or for purposes of our human mind grasping it, who said they can not be? Hmmmmmm?

Your mind? Society? Books? Past employers? People? Who?

Last I heard we were all "spiritual", all spirit and energy stardust balls of wonder. 

I can only give you my perspective for what it is worth. 

Life is unwinding and discovery, many people are finding that having two or three jobs to make ends meet is not cutting it, in terms of being




Growth opportunity 

Not to mention takes away from their roles as mother or father. 

Many are looking at other options because when observing many beautiful souls that retire at 65 or 70, they feel that waiting to get old to do what you love is just not fitting the bill. 

Many elders now in their 80s worked long hours and hard all their lives only to find, they are too old or possibly sick to enjoy anything. 

These things and more cause that restlessness in the gut. That feeling of "there has to be something more..." or the feeling of "...am I missing something? Because waiting to get old to have fun is just not making sense.."

In the past people stayed at the same job for 25-30 or more years. 

Marriages lasted and divorce was a failure and not an expected outcome.  Communities were true connections. The neighbors spoke to eachother and aged together. More of a comforting twilight. 

Companies valued employees hadn't begun replacing human beings with automated systems. 

As a whole All needs to change. Much like Ken Wilber explains with his Quadrant theory. All hands must be on deck in next few years.

It has to be one heart at a time, one person at a time choosing to transition from lower heart to higher heart. We dont just need new political systems but socio-econonical ones. 

As warned in this credible and accurate piece:

“On current trends,...humanity will need twice as much energy as it uses today within 35 years.... Produce too little energy, say the economists, and there will be price hikes and a financial crash unlike any the world has ever known, with possible resource wars, depression and famine. Produce the wrong sort of energy, say the climate scientists, and we will have more droughts, floods, rising seas and worldwide economic disaster with runaway global warming. John Vidal in The Guardian Weekly, 9-15 February 2007, Energy supplement, p. 3 We shall probably do both at the same time.  

Our innovations and transition from trade to a materialistic society happened. Greed increased and all environmental damage signs were ignored. Generations dropped the ball, with the ideology that when shit hit the fan, they would be long gone and their kids would have to deal with it. "Awesome ideology! Good going guys!🙌

The problem is now we won't get another window. Now all must act even if they are on the verge of old age. 

"Economic growth has depended on population growth, energy growth, resource growth and technological innovation The first three all end in this century All that is left is our brains and heart." 

Were you alive in 2018? This is happening. And even if going off grid vs chasing money is my goal for 2019, I too must then participate in sustainability and leaving teachings and life example behind vs a large trace of waste and unconscious actions. 

All must change. 

One thing I pass on is stop the mindless money chasing hustle. 

You hustle then you are asking universe to hustle you. You want to get one up at any cost then you and all will pay. Its simple.

You swipe the credit card of life and universal energy WILL collect. 

With interest. 

When I make business decisions I make them from higher heart,

using healthy judgement based on my experiences or applying credible references for confirmation only really. 

I have said no to what I call Bunny Hop all nighters because that is not what I wish to attract. In doing so I send consistent signals to Universe


Welcome to the new sustainability paradigm balance optimal size subsidiarity efficiency de-materialization closed systems  

Guard against idleness and sloth, and cling unto that which profiteth mankind, whether young or old, whether high or low. Bahá'u'lláh  

Combining material and spiritual civilization...although material civilization is one of the means for the progress of the world of mankind, yet until it becomes combined with Divine civilization, the desired result, which is the felicity of mankind, will not be attained.... Material civilization is like the body. No matter how infinitely graceful, elegant and beautiful it may be, it is dead. ('Abdu'l-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, 227, pp. 303-304)  

Purpose of the development of society That purpose must be sought in spiritual dimensions of life and motivation that transcend a constantly changing economic landscape and an artificially imposed division of human societies into "developed" and "developing". (Bahá'í International Community, The Prosperity of Humankind) ‏  

All men have been created to carry forward an ever- advancing civilization." (Bahá'u'lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh 

How do we get from here to there? Not central planning (the ends justified the means, but...) ‏ Random evolution? (survival of the strongest rather than the fittest) ‏ Establishing the right ground rules and letting the system evolve in all its diversity.

We are treading where humanity has not gone before, so don't look for a nicely wrapped prepackaged, instant gratification system. 

It has been made. But by Us. We are the ancestors of those that made it. The one time, there was an anomaly and mankind survived. 

Once you know thyself. Meaning, know that you are energy and limitless, the navigator choosing your experience, it is then that you begin to make decisions from the heart. 

As you enter more mindfulness, you consciously live your life filled with self love - love for the experience of you,compassion and you make decisions using the mind as a tool (verses basically being a victim or let's say it...instead of being a punk ass bitch to the mind), you follow your strengthened gut mind, you go beyond reacting to responding then directing, you trust 

TRUST your heart because it is not over powered by your upper mind which was the SECOND MIND (heart beat...way before upper mind existed....yeah...duh), you trust because you ARE.

You are being something closer and closer to your true essence. 

My business decisions?

Good practical example:

(I shall give you a money related since that is what most people can follow. Although money was nor will be the currency, 

ENERGY is, has been and always will be.) 


In Vegas I recently 

did a tantric massage all clothes on and stuff. All on. Which I normally only do with good friends, mind you so I can do them like that on just pure energy,however, it takes a whole lot out of me.

To continue~

Connection was stellar. 

He had questions, processing the tantric massage takes time and if people are open they get more out of it. If you can only handle the sensual or get side tracked by it, then it's like life ..you get what you focus on. 

This person and I had conversation after for hours. Did 5-6 hours of sharing what I feel people ask me to remind them of or confirm for them in spirit. I never believe I teach anything really. I believe I serve as a vessel for you to speak through me to yourself. 

Now in a world of lack and not having, upon hearing 

"Wish I could give you more but I don't have any more" 

someone else would grump n pues and moan believing they taught so much ...(ego) and helped again and again boohoo hoo nothing. "Just my luck"

Fuck that!

Instead I get very happy to share and pass on the teachings to those that really crave them and are ready. 

In parting I was very happy because I got to do what I love and always feel I must go with what serves my path. 

In serving others I truly serve my path. Universe will provide and I have to stay true to my advice and follow it as well. 

So blind faith meaning that at any point I can truly say~

"At this moment in time all my needs are met.

Most of the time it will not come from the same person you feel you helped. 

(Although, if we are one, we really never do anything for anyone. We do it for ourselves. We are one.)

The next day in this particular case, the person messaged the next day, said they got lick at the Casino before leaving and extended gratitude. 

I was happy again. 

Days later he sent another gift in gratitude for the time and experience. When in New Orleans I had one unplanned hold up. Instead of having any problem what was offered was a no problem solution. I had such great people rush to make sure my schedule was not affected plus incredible unexpected kindness. 

It comes back to you. 

I am not saying give liimitessly. You will encounter some that take advantage of your kindness. 


Learn their vibration. 

Feel their vibe. 

Recognize that vibe and how they made you feel. Did you ignore a discomfort or hear only that which you wanted to hear? Did you help then out if ego? Wanting to what?

Prove you were a good fair person?

To who?

For what?

So don't be a door mat and establish your worth, build as you learn. Then act accordingly. 

Be true to yourself. 

When you give follow your vibe. Do not do things if you consider them a sacrifice. 

Do not expect anything in return because then, that is not giving. That is wanting a trade. 

Have blind faith, know you are serving your purpose and accept that all good will come back to you just like people accept the bad, accept the good. Ride waves of gratitude when serving your path and all will place in action positive vibrations that multiply into a clear channel to your source if limitless abundance. 

Your true essence. 

Much love~Shakti

Shakti Durga Tantric Arts