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Tantra Tantra wtF

Before moving into the practice of any technique or philosophy or path you choose, it is ever so important to understand the theoretical the philosophical and also to understand what you feel, what resonates with you about the practice, book, thought form or sacred way. 

Most people that are coming to Tantra are coming to it and Drawn to it by the peaked interest in Tantric sexuality. The "oh! so it's going to be good, sexual positions Hindu gymnastics, and Hot Yoga chicks!"

Others for the tantric sexuality connection. The intimacy + that missing energy vibe. 

Others look for an alternative healing or for a Competitive Edge or even for a way to merge their material/conventional world and with most importantly above all their inner world that they have hardly tapped into. So some are looking for not just a sexual connection but a connection and integration that they feel they're missing in their lives.  

Usually the ones that are are very intrigued and that are slower at getting into Tantra are usually people that have a good life, emphasis on good, they have a good life they have good sex and they simply know deep inside they want more~ they know that there is more and because they are competitive and resilient they want it and they can because we're already connected we are connected undoubtably,  so the thing is tapping into the connection but to continue: 

Tantra is good for those things for all those things and more. There are also many types of Tantra this being very practical because just like Christianity that was born you know Christ wasn't a Christian they develop this Christianity thing after him. So just like many branches sprung out from one philosophy one path--

 it happened in Tantra as well.

 Not a bad thing because basically if you research all paths they all kind of had very similar techniques yogic breath, tummo, Tao, Shamanic,  very similar in terms of all their Styles and things if you really hunt. For me it was about finding the common thread because that's what I resonated with. For someone else they might be very drawn to the discipline and the dark Eros mix, the stricter techniques but adding a role-play adding something like that. It suits them. 

Dark Eros is relatively new, and it combines fetish/kink and tantra for the purposes of liberation and eliminating the thought of taboo/naught/nice.  The one, I offer and I describe, that's more of a of a different style that was created in Germany by John Hawkins so all .

All ...all different variations can have something for you. 

White Tantra which is what I started with and what I do daily, is about getting tantric with yourself.  I'm very very drawn to the Zen the monk ways if energy manipulation and to do advanced techniques, I must dothem with myself as well. 

The private me n cosmos way that helped monks in die hard environmental and social aspects. The ways that got them ecstatatic in unimaginable circumstances was a draw for me. That was that was something that I really really loved already so I was already basically working on getting tantric with Myself by the time I found white Tantra and the knowledge of the practice helped me progress into another type of Tantra. 

 When I learned about dark Tantra /black Tantra which is actually not what Vegas thinks that's for sure. It's about taking People's Energy and not always telling them. So black Tantra resonated and !!!! and really was very good to learn because it did resonate with the teachings of South American Palero  black magic. In shamanic path we study all tribes. As a healer,  you have to learn how an illness or how something started how bad energy started to take up a person's life and the path it took in order to heal it so you have to go through the darkness in order to heal a sickness ----that's definite. And so I followed through the different styles of Tantra that I felt were interesting enough to look into that I resonated with that made me feel something I felt as confirmation or that rang very familiar. 

Tantra is not sex however sex can be tantric. And of course you're going to be a much better lover because you love yourself more in a compassionate, liberated way. 

You know thyself and so you know how you vibrate. 

You know vibration and in turn  will not really need to ask your partner too many questions about what your partner likes. Partner that with Quodoushka teachings and you will be on your way to being a master lover. 

You will feel what they want what felt good because you feel it in you, you have recognition of the existing connection that has always been there. 

And you resonate with it.

On the flip side,  you also feel when someone is dumping in you, as in dumping all their anguish their shame they're their inadequacy there turbulence their neediness, anger, insecurities,  you'll feel that energy from people, because you have or are healing it in yourself. 

And at a certain point if truly tantric you value the not just orgasm but the Energies you are with. 

After working your path, talking the talk and walking the walk you want more. You become less attracted to people that are coping or with addictions ( easy example..if you already healed an addiction, a wound, a karmic issue why bathe in someone else's?)

Very hard to say this to people but if you are ready then don't stay with a junkie who doesn't have a problem in their minds and not ready to quit. 

That is a blunt example but regarding all that interferes with the progression of your path and intimate profound desires. 

Being with a lover is about all of it. 

You are in an active exchange, dumping into, mutual dumping into, clinging to or active towards the betterment of the path of both. 

See ?

Real world, *relateble, mental visual for you. 

You got a high vibrating blast of energy, a healthy mind, body n soul so why fuck with someone who is dirty and possibly doesn't even know self love. Is in lacking no matter what money they make, they live the rat race and you feel that energy slowing you down, making you sicker, fatigued ...all not by accident. 

Tantra is a great tool for expansion. 

It takes you to

understanding that you are the loom and the web. 

It is a beautiful  path for me. 

For you? It can be whatever you make of it, like life. 

It's a great practice and it makes you take that energy exchange to another level because you "Do" see it as a way for both to raise vibrations and for both to raise the vibration of the collective and for both to improve on their paths

 in their own individual tracks while also giving and receiving energy so that they don't stay fulfilled until the next hard-on, but they stay fulfilled sometimes for even months from a connection with a true tantric. 

 (when two Tantrics get together I always say how long have you been doing this? awesome! I might not even like you physically but I've waited for months to be with a real Tantric !!!!! so let's do this. 

I want to make a quick reference to the Kama Sutra too,  because the original sacred text and things that were noted we're all written explanations of how these positions encourage energy manipulation, deeper energy flow between the two and really really the picture book that America got is unfortunate.  Unfortunate because if you just see the pictures and you don't understand why you're doing the position then it's useless. It's nothing. I had ex boyfriends 

 that asked me to do or want to do the positions in the sutra..

I would think ..

¿ why you don't even know why they were doing them like this?

Or  we cannot be under substances if we're going to do this

????? why to fail at Hindu gymnastics. And I am not politically correct but of course this is my path I have mad respect for anything from India but that's basically the wording of it in our modern language where it's like gymnastics and it's useless if you don't actually know why you're doing the position or  the pose. 

 Tantra is much like that lol. 

Tantra is also (as far as ...thee ..the paths that made it into modern times the only path now actually that is known for using Sexual Energy for Ascension purposes. The basic jist of it, is that you are yourself or as a couple * the embodiment of the shiva shakti/representing the masculine and feminine energy connection with source and both parties are going up in energy and navigating into a different state and altered state of consciousness for lack of a better term. But if you get into Tantra thinking it is just going to be better sex or if that is all you're seeking then go workout,  go do something for yourself  start with self love. 

Just slower sex Ha! Is really not with Tantra true Tantra

Maybe it is urban Tantra that is best, urban tantra has  been a product  of Western Civilization where we need to sell everything where we must make the sale we must consume as well and so if everybody's doing it we must do it to comparison Jimmy's girlfriend said she holds her forever he cuddles her and everything you know Jimmy pulls the the Rico Suave despacito going and really gives to Fox about the connection so look to Urban Tantra for something like that I guess that might be your good version of slower sex or whatever they sell it as I'm really I'm familiar with the book Urban Tantra with the prologue and recommendation written by Annie sprinkles one of the first women if not the first to squirt on camera top all women to squirt in her time and then went on to get a PhD and Master's and everything and develop a a course and end away a path called ecosexuality which has led to documentaries being taught in top universities so amazing to explore all the other other things to explore are really getting into the understanding of something and by that I mean contemplating contemplating the purpose of the technique contemplate while you're doing it because any practice you do yoga breathwork competitive Sports a healing practice anything....

?!?** it  needs your understanding and your contemplation. You can say yes yes yes yes yes but until you feel it Then it becomes something that you start understanding. And when people say

 for example;  

I'm just LOOKING for that connection I am just looking....

Tantra and most of its branches show you that you never had to look. 

You are

And beyond that

There is no connected to

What are you gonna be connected to when you



Shakti Durga tantric arts

The cryptic writes of a lover in a state of bliss. 

Love for the experience 


True desire to create another moment. 

Like life. 



Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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