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"What we think, we become"


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Chronic alignment with source energy exists within your ability to not only still your mind, but to sync your thinking (and actions) with the highest vibration of possibility available in each new moment. Similar to the way birds, butterflies and fish sync with the zone space of creative intelligence that migrates them across the globe, you have the ability to train (and relax) yourself into the same zone.  

When you change the voice of your thoughts, it’s proven fact that reality will respond. According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal, and Quantum physics as a whole, as your thought about an object changes, the object itself literally changes and responds to the thought. The energy around you reflects your state of awareness, so the state of your awareness determines the outcome of your life. If you think you’re small, broken or disempowered, then surely life will reflect situations and experiences that reinforce the ideas you have about yourself- to infinite. If, on the other hand, you tune-in to the brilliance of your own soul and experience the unparalleled beauty that exists within you, life will ultimately reflect back to you your own innate beauty in everything you see.  

From the building block of the moment, you have the ability train your mind in such a way that syncs you into a habitual momentum that will flow you into the horizon of a reinvention of self. The self you were before you were born and the self you were born to BE.   

All that you see, is a sea of you- so be what it is you want to see♥♥ 

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