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Know thyself sexually

Knowing thyself meaning really really know thyself. 

For my people with kinks and fetishes,  why?

Why? Do you like to sniff panties because that was the closest you got to a pussy,  a long time ago?

Or was it the color, the feel and texture?

Or was it the person who wore them?

Or was it the adrenaline rush of getting your hands on it and doing the prohibited?

Was it the prohibited sexual aspect or the prohibited "property" aspect?

Was it sexual, that first,

first time or was it your arousal energy the sexual energy rising from the freedom?

Freedom to just take?

Was it past life?

Do you truly know why you have a kink, fetish or sexual taboo?

Knowing thyself sexually would be a start. A good fun start to the classic discovery of self. 

The arousal energy, that stirring echo inside is you.

Your essence. 

To experience someone isn't about 

Is she ticklish?

Does she like candles?

Does he like dirty talk?

Those are good starts. 

The ticklish, used up example, is great because yes! Be like a child.

Suck dick not to do any  pedophile pleasing here,  

But in my white tigress path it is all about embracing the genitalia and experiencing it with the newness/curiosity/delight of a child, simply licking and sucking the others fruit having experiencing pleasure just discovering the other, lick by lick. 

Same for men. .

Men imitating the shove the "ping pong ball" in the Vagina 

Over and over

In and out

In a hurry

All excited

Even if a partner says slow down.  The typical move is unfair and comical to men actually. 

It's like a dog going at the speed of whatever, kicking and slobbering with no real intent 

Besides getting fluid to flow to provide an adequate point of entry. 

Or the two to four minutes in a typical porn of showing the licking of the vagina but moving quickly to the next scene. 

Don't imitate that. Am not against porn ..I am visual oh so much but I dislike imitating. 

To continue.  . .

Same with a Penis. 

Are your man's balls always warm, are they large, I personally love them, not your man's, but a man's testicles getting firm and full makes me excited. Why?  I love the unveiling of it all. The process of discovering waves of pleasure in another.

I choose to experience them. 

That is the main thing. 

If you are performing based on anything besides purely "being" in the sex (you so called love) then you are imitating. 

A good defense can be,

"Well we need ideas and it's getting boring, gotta spice things up"

Oh yeah

Oh yeah


Bored with sex with your partner.

Zoom into that in your mind. 

We can sit down and brain storm role play ideas all day but if either person is comparing the future scene to something then again imitation. Bored??? With what...the sex, the attitude, the game if give sex and get, bored with sex in same place (same town? Maybe it is the town and yourself you are bored of...)

Basically if You need to imitate and look to others for sex? You must either lack intellectual biological info, have lived sheltered, are still finding out who you are sexually ( wait till 70) , sex is you. 

Maybe you feel inadequate,  you feel you lack experience or your partner has so much experience that you feel inadequate. 

Maybe the person you are with isn't doing to you what you want.

Maybe they don't like something you love?

That isn't on them. 

I couldn't just date "Hot" I am turned on by intelligence and the person can have a big nose (I love a big nose 😋) so I should not make another read to catch up with me but I must accept another's level of intelligence and choose if I wish to experience that. 

If in the back of your mind is the thought

"I can live with it"

Then do you feel,  *that* honestly or are you hoping somehow the person will change or that you will be able to put up with it?

When you choose to settle, why did you, why do you? 


I will continue this but it does give your mind something to contemplate and choke on. 

Mine has. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

What do you vibe like when you get wet, hard...aroused?

What turns you on?

Now take it deeper....



Your conversations with Shaman loom. 






Yes. You do. 


Go touch yourself, experience. Go hike in the snow and find a hot spring, drop it all and get in. 

Maybe, not fuck, but instead you might be aroused by your partner's bravery, by their childishness or determination to fuck in the ice cold but in a hot spring that may render the penis useless and prove to not be the best. But it was your personal experience.  

Not a shitty imitation of someone else. 

If you want to experience Nuru, body to body by the fireplace then experience it. 

Feel with your entire skin organ not with your mind. Let go. The Boob isn't  going to bite you. 

Let go. Feel the other, their ease or hesitation, the heart beating in the flesh bag, feel the energy and develop your rhythm to match theirs or bring them into your wave and rhythm. 

Being with one person, learning them does nothing for the next. 

You should literally delete the file and past knowledge of what worked with your past lover or other lovers. 

Every vagina and penis is literally different, therefore different texture

different tightness, firmness, colors, raised mound, huge thick skin balls, small prune looking, large labia,small, hidden tiny clit, large almost penis like outer clit....ya get the non medical terminology?

All are different not just the way they look. 

I mean men go to strip clubs and can watch different vaginas all day and take note of the obvious however you must understand  that just as the genitalia are different physically they are also different biologically and in every sense of the word. 

Different ~  nerve endings, mind programming and emotional intelligence effecting the ability to receive pleasure or to give it. 

Its is all different. 

Many men will say a generalized statement 

"All my exes thought I was a sex addict and wanted it all the time"


Hmmmm. Maybe they were bored. 

Maybe they are intellectually stimulated/aroused and you never even read a book or blow her away with a drop of knowledge (either something you are passionate about or they are passionate about).

Maybe you are a press button lover because you just allow the arousal to flow and many things make you orgasmic or maybe you are based out of 


And your lack of satisfaction with your life sleeps into sex. 

The sex fills the gaps. 

It becomes a shot of happy juice till the next disappointment or next hard on. And on the next hard on you don't arouse the other who is more fulfilled than you are perhaps,

or who has a world, a universe to create and give birth to, no


You don't just give a compliment because you do! you really do love their breasts and just want to lick the tip of the nipple and walk away. 

Simply saying "yummy. Wanted to see what that tastes like"

Walk away. 

As the person talks about something that turns them on in the simple life, to you, get into it. Not because you enjoy it not because you have to fake it because otherwise your girl wont lay you. But because it is another person, because it is another's life experience and they are sharing it with you. 

This applies to women as well. 

I used to blow off some things exes said. 

Know thyself

You know why?

I had one that didn't read. Had never read in his life. However read online, social media posts and then didn't cross reference, didn't form his own alternative as good for the whole but as fuck it, as a hustle. It was from the hustle therefore from a state of lack from a state of fear and boom

I tuned out. 

But I stayed. When I wanted to share of great authors or historical metaphysical and or shamanic history/knowledge etc 

the conversation went to a power struggle. Again the conversation turns fear based. 

People feeling they don't know enough to be with this person so undeserving, feeling of lack. Personal lack. 

On the flip side the other feeling as if they have to hold back (not your intelligence but what you are passionate about and what arouses your mind. 

You see, at times you end up not in a game of seduction and foreplay but in a power struggle, or emotionally suppressed dance of fear. 

Tables turn. Couples will get into 

You don't do this

You don't do that

Well this person didn't mind. 

It would be great if I could talk to you. 

Blah blah

All seeking from another. 

No guidance. No mindfulness. 


And more. 

To add to a pair's situation  lol you can't forget the ancestral and cultural. 


You are mine.

I am man "I  have eyes, I am supposed to look"

(Btw. Women or your multiple gender partners...your steady shag, etc. They have eyes too)

Property rights

Your sexual partner, your lover 

Is not property. 


It is that time. 


Are you bored with your "routine" with your partner or with the 


Are you bored with your partners hesitation to new?

How are you introducing the new?

Are you wanting another partner for a threesome to really make up for the fact that your partner (male or female) gave up bisexuality for you?

Adding that feeling of doing something in return for something given, agendas and not love for the experience.  

That isn't sex 

Those are ALL deals

Pussy and dick should  not be the currency of a relationship. 

Know thyself 

Even if you roleplay 1000 different things you still thirst. 

So what are you really thirsty for?

Someone to replace our feelings of inadequacy with a good I love you or cuddle after a fuck you were barely present for?

What do you want?



You don't know. 

The key is feeling safe, nurtured and like you can explore every so called dark or twisted idea of yours in a safe way with your partner, being honest with self and allowing yourself to receive. 

Both partners must allow themselves to receive. 

You must give of course but allowing yourself to receive. 

I give my examples or examples of great friends, co pilots and workshop attendees and literally the examples of circumstances given today were from many people voicing the same thing. 

You must know thyself because perhaps you get all the arousal you need from an activity or work and could care less about experiencing a lover. 

Well then don't ask them to experience you!

You wish to imitate 

Maybe your partner does not

You want flowers and glitz 

Maybe your partner doesn't know a lick about flowers, he gets social anxiety having to ask for help and maybe he dislikes the smell?

Maybe know your partner. Maybe go beyond your fears and get the flowers because it gives you an opportunity to heal something.  

Maybe you shouldn't be with a street smart person but instead with an intellectual if there is only so much that can arouse you physically. Maybe you are asking your wife to be like a whore or dirty girl and that turns her off. 

It would, me. 

I say why label. The whore, your wife or girl may picture might be a woman who hates sex and gets used and abused lol, culturally she gets a whole different vibe and visual. 

Dirty girl would turn me off because I am not in 2nd grade to be naughty or nice or get a star or on the naughty list. Wtf?

If someone is still playing goody or naughty. I tune out. 

I admit I do bring myself back and am compassionate about the other affected perspective due to ancestral and cultural norms....


Am I turned on? No.  However the "tone or a playful  frequency of fun" can definitely change everything. Reason why text is archaic as far as communication. You miss the tone. 

A person may say to get naughty in jest or in challenge and their vibration back that up. 

Feel the other person. 

I told one partner that if we did it in the same three positions again, I would scream. 

It wasn't that. 

The truth was that due to his nature, he himself was boring me. 

We could have done it 500 ways. 

He was boring me. 

A partner boring you does not have to mean you want any other lover either. It may mean that many things going on in your life have left you a reflection right in front of you. 

And you are bored of it. 

Are you settling?

Are you allowing yourself to receive?

Are you experiencing others or reaching needy and leachy?

People can feel that. 

Are you finding one similarity and thinking with your mind ..

"...this person likes me, they think I am awesome and this is good"

Honey moon fantasy weeks end. 

What's wrong ?

At first you wanted to have sex all day?

Maybe because 




Know thyself and although you do understand that your signals 

*Whether intentional or not are creating all around you*

But that the vibration of the person you are or feel drawn to fuck 

Is a nice reflection of you. 

Thay crazy bitch ???

Thay bad boy?

That thirsty guy?

That guy that left spirituality behind?

That less than intellectual wiz maybe a reflection of your desire to let go of the books or a revelation of how important intelligence IS to you. 

I only know my own path s