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Fill it up Grasshoppah

Making the body full like a vase: The Yogi should sit on a comfortable seat in a lotus posture, his body and spine erect; put his two palms on his two knees; inhale the air with the right nostril, and then look to the left and exhale all the air very slowly and gently. 

Take in the air with the right nostril and look toward the right, and slowly, gently, let all the breath out. 

Then take in the air with the left nostril and look toward the left; gently let the breath out as before. 

Next take in the air with both nostrils and let the breath out while the body remains sitting in a normal position. 

Repeat this manner of breathing three times. Altogether nine repetitions are required to expel all the defiled air within the body. 

During the inhaling and exhaling, the mouth should not be opened. The yogi should keep his body straight and turn his two fists inward. Then he should inhale very gently and slowly and send the air down below the navel. 

Meantime he should gulp down the air without any sound, using the diaphragm to press the Upper Prana down and to gently pull up the Lower Prana. Thus, the Upper and Lower Prana meet and unite. The mind should concentrate on the center of the navel Chakra, and one should hold the breath as long as he can as if holding the air in a vase to its fullness. During this breath-holding period, all the body movements should be carried out. Although not a real Akrul-akor exercise, this exercise is called a form of Akrul-akor. At the moment when the yogi cannot hold the breath longer, he should very gently let the air out through the nostrils, but never through the mouth. While doing this, the mind may wonder and come up with a million ideas, tid bits of ideas and more but just as any other time in your life stop  


Exhale and ask yourself

Does this serve this moment?

Does this thought serve my purpose right now.

And let it go. 

Do it to comfort level

*Or start with a set goal and stick with it*

*or free flow just see what happens*

Add it at the end of morning  amp (amplification of your intention for the day) routine, or after yoga. 

After work out. 

Make it  an addition to your meditation  practice. Whatever. 

Play with it, feel it, vibe it for your "life practice"