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Tao Secrets of love

With frequent ejaculation, the benefits of sex begin to decline, and vitality ultimately plummets. The sexual big spender loses stamina. His vision begins to weaken, hair tumbles from his skull. He grows old before his time. The physical damage caused by expelling the sexual essence from the body is greatly alleviated only in couples or individuals who create and sustain a powerful emotional and spiritual love. 

"DON'T THRUST TOO POWERFULLY INTO THE WOMAN  The woman's vagina may grow numb if you pound her continu- ously with your pelvic bone and penis and lead to exhaustion or negative association of pain with sex. Firm but gentle thrusts will provide the most lasting enjoyment. In the beginning it will also make it easier to hold your seed; as you master the process of sexual transformation, you can play with more passionate vari- ations. "

DON'T RELY ON SEXUAL FANTASY TO GET AROUSED The danger of reliance on sexual fantasy is that sex will become limited to a mind trip. The yin and yang energies moving through man and woman are real, not a fantasy. If you limit sex to an idealized image taken from Playboy or invented by your imagina- tion you will find it difficult to experience in your body the pro- found flow of your deeper energies. If sex becomes a mental play, it can block the deepest play of your being because it is not cen- tered in the body in the present moment but in projecting ahead into the future. How can you love a woman in your arms if you are busy holding another one in your dreams? Both lovers are cheated by this. The common tendency of the male is to project ahead in time a plan of action. This imagination is a strength when it leads to positive accomplishment. A joint projection of spiritual will shared by lovers can certainly lead to deeper fulfillment. But sexual fantasy becomes a negative projection, an escape from the present, this is impossible for any real woman to fulfill. Worse, it reduces real women to the level of fantasy objects. It can be an excuse to leave the real woman in your life to go off and pursue an imaginary one. The classical Taoist texts speak of "ghosts" that visit men in their dreams and make intensely pas- sionate love to them. These men are never happy, with their life, constantly seeking their intensity in dreaming, and never awaken to the possibility they could have a more satisfying love with a real woman, with a flesh and blood body and soul if only they spent their energy cultivating that possibility. But how does one escape the powerful lure of sexual fantasy? By cultivating the flow of one's own energy through healthy phys- ical exercises such as sports, yoga, martial arts, and the Micro- cosmic Orbit meditation. The Big Draw is also effective if done whenever you catch yourself falling into fantasy. If you transform your energy up to the crown of your head each time you get an erection or feel a sexual fantasy coming on, you will eventually master that tendency in yourself. Another way of mastering sexual fantasy is to live it out if the opportunity presents itself-engage in your idea of wildly erotic be- havior or pursue women you know at heart are not for you — but observe yourself carefully and ask what the real satisfaction gained" 

Know thyself and your partner's #energy

From the Taoist secrets of love teachings of Master  MAHTAK CHIA MICHAEL WIM1