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Connections, attachments, and cords: an energetic study 

In the past year, I have been guided to get hand-on experiences to study and understand the energetic relations between a person and another existence in the world. Here is what I have found out so far, facilitated by my inner guidance and inspirations from Abraham-Hicks, Carlos Castaneda’s writings about his shamanism training with Don Juan Matus, and the Seth Material. To begin, there are three kinds of energetic relations between two people, or a person and an existence such as an object, a concept, a problem or an idea: (1) connections, (2) attachments, and (3) cords. (1) A connection is driven by the agreement of the soul contracts between two people to maintain a close relation at the current moment. Under an optimal situation, people who we are connected to are the ones who are currently helping us to shift and supporting our lives. It can be our spouses, close friends, close family members, and important mentors and colleagues. It is represented as love (when the connection is strong) and a sense of caring. 

Connections can come and go. In principle, the souls would deactivate the connection once the agreement expires, but it may not always be the case. Also, when two people are connected, their energies may affect each other, be it good or bad. Therefore, we need to optimise our connections: only activating the connections between us and the people who are important to us, and deactivating the rest. Our connections are part of us. Take care of them well! 

(2) Attachments are energies between one person and another existence. They are the energies that give us negative emotions such as fear and sadness when we lose them in the physical reality, which is only a part of the bigger truth. The thing we are attached to can be a person, a place, an object, or even a concept (e.g. self-identity). Attachment is not love, although people can mistake fear and sadness as love (it is what we were taught since we were kids. That's why we often mess them up.). According to Abraham-Hicks, love comes from our inner beings, which is part of the Source. When we are aligned to our inner beings, we feel love. Negative emotions do not come from our inner beings, and they appear when we are not aligned. However, it is possible that when two people are in love with each other, they also feel the fear of losing each other. In this case, they are both connected and attached. 

When we make big decisions in lives, it is advised to align ourselves to our inner beings first, then we would be able to tell whom we really have connections with and what we truly want. This prevents us from mistaking attachments as connections. Watch out that at different frequencies, we may want and be attracted to different things. However, when our frequencies are low, what we want may not be what our inner beings really want and may not be the best for us. So, stay tuned to our inner beings as much as possible, but understand it is normal that there are moments and periods that we are mis-aligned from our inner beings: this gives us contrasts and lessons, which can be good for us in the long run. 

(3) Cords are energies between one person and another existence. When we focus on someone or something, a cord is formed and its energy may interfere us. Since we are the creators of our lives, every existence we focus on requires our energies to manifest it in great details in our lives. Therefore, when we skim through someone or something, and already feel that its energy is bad, don't focus on it! If we focus on a problem, e.g. keeping on thinking about it, the energy related to that problem can come to us as well! 

Our thoughts and energies can form cords that are beyond us as well: if we think about a problem with a person, even if that person has nothing to do with that problem, a cord can be formed between the two and that person can be affected by the energy of that problem! Therefore, we need to be mindful with our thoughts. It would be even better if the skill of cord cutting is acquired. 

(I) Ask your High Self/Selves to declutter your connections to the optimal situation 

(II) Cut all the attachments and cords between you and other people, world energy, the world and material possessions, past history, negative programs, energetic blocks, reasons, causes, beliefs, perceptions, judgement, false ideas, false concepts and other people's energies (their opinions, their views, etc) *from* you, your connections, your physical and non-physical (e.g. websites, business, work) items, and your living area (yes, our items and our residence are extensions of us and need to be well taken care too!) 

(III) Clear any negative program, energetic block, reason, cause, belief, perception, judgement, false idea, false concept that you have with your connections 

(IV) You may need to do clearing/healing for some of the people whom you are connected to, especially if they are not well energetically 

Note, potential physical side-effect during clearing: Reiki master Linda Elis told me that attachments are related to the stomach areas of our bodies. When I was cutting attachments and cords, I felt stomach discomfort. Once the clearing was done, my stomach felt much better