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Sassy soul energy Naked mystic n evolved sex tidbits

kundalini, our Cellular Energy

The practice of Integrated Kundalini Yoga increases the oxygenation of our cells allowing our mitochondria to maintain optimal performance.

The Sex Energy Center is located on the pubic area. It is the center of sexual instinct, and the lower creative center for procreation. Persons with strong sex energy centers have strong sexual drives. The sex energy center is the physical creative center for procreation. The throat energy center is the center for higher creativity. It is the higher correspondence of the sex energy center. The two are closely interconnected. This is why highly artistic or very intelligent people tend to have very strong sex drives. 

The science and art of transmuting sex energy into creative energy, and into a higher form of pranic energy to activate the brain cells is taught in Arhatic Yoga. The Basic Energy Center is located at the base of the spine or the coccyx area. The basic energy center is like the root of a tree. If the root is weak, the tree is weak. Similarly, if the basic energy center is weak, the body is also very weak. Another term for the basic energy center is "root energy center." It is the center of the instinct for self-survival. It is not only the center of self-survival, but it is also the center of dynamic activities. A dynamic executive or somebody who is successful in business tends to have a highly activated and energized basic energy center. A person with a small and depleted basic energy center has a tendency to make plans, but not to implement them. He also tends to procrastinate or keep things on hold. The basic energy center needs to be treated by a pranic energy healer because it is the energy center of action. This energy center, if unregulated, may manifest as materialism. Dashi chu Kocica

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