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Important info what's all the fuss? Tantra & Daily pics

Sexual energy is the vital life force – the strongest energy we have in the body. It often becomes blocked with repressed shame and guilt which, once released, allows us to experience powerful transformation within us as we re-awaken to our true potential. Setting free this life force acts as a positive force for change on both an individual and a society level, leading to a more conscious and sustainable way of life for all of us by beginning that change within ourselves first. Re-connecting to the sacredness of life through living in a more sex-positive culture allows us to celebrate our sexuality as we live with awareness and greater fulfilment. The word Tantra gets variously translated from Sanskrit, among them are “transformation” and “expansion”. There are many different schools of thought, and we draw on the wisdom of different traditions from Shiva Tantra, Yoga, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Neotantra to the more modern theories of contemporary science and psychology to connect the ancient mysteries with our current culture. In addition to this, we draw on our own unique experience of having worked in therapy and supportive practice for many years. We see Tantra as a spiritual path which acts as a gateway to allowing us to experience the deep peace and bliss that are at the core of our true nature. We do this through using breath, physical movement, sound, meditation, discussion and the invitation to offer and receive sacred touch in a safe and loving space.  

Reasons Why Men and Women are Contacting a Tantric Dakini  Common reasons why men, women and couples are contacting are various: to slow down, de-stress, or spice up life and adventure into the world of exciting variety of tender, loving and mindful touch and massage for relaxation, wellness balancing, self-discovery and self-care. To boost self-confidence, libido, wellbeing and health in natural and healthy ways. Wanting to prevent prostate conditions, PE, DE and ED. To improve sexual function by strengthening the PC muscle for longer and stronger stamina. Ultimately to learn the secret to non-stop pleasure as long as wanted (Stop-Start method). Some book to recover from experiences of frustration, difficulties and patterns (PE, DE, ED, RPS) via professional, evidence based hands-on modalities. To heal performance anxiety, self-esteem, shame, guilt, body image, inhibitions, fantasies, libido, boundary, communication, skill, repertoire, stamina, pre-marital and compatibility concerns. Wanting to eliminate energetic blockages, relieve tension and symptoms of stress. By reducing anxiety and improving the quality of sleep, healing massage can help body to produce more of its own hormones and help you to become vital, alert and thriving at any age. Wanting to learn to unlock ones bliss potential by awakening and strengthening your (chi, prana, kundalini) energy, expanding it throughout the whole body for a mind-blowing let-go and extended joy that may last for days. And deepen Tantra energy cultivation practices, to explore ways to reconnect with your inner-self, for personal development and spiritual evolution. Some are looking for self-discovery, to awaken ones sensual self for mapping the anatomy of sensitivity (Sensate Focus). A wonderful way to bring awareness to bodily sensations (to learn the Stop-Start method properly), and observe desires, emotions, thoughts, memories, expectations, boundaries, fears, habits, taboos, pleasure, bliss, you name it, in a process of purification for greater awareness and joy via hands-on professional somatic modalities, of accurate adult education.  

When exploring  Tantra for Trauma 

PTSD rape loss grief etc 

Free consultation 

Initial journey is regular price packages include big discounts

In Tantra for Trauma The focus of the sessions is to enable healing to take place by allowing any trauma which has been stored in the body in the form of negative emotions to leave, so more pleasure and joy can come in. 

Yoni Massage -This service is offered for female clients. Yoni is the word for womb in Sanskrit. Having your yoni flower and all lower pelvic area plus whole body massaged by an expert can take you to heights you never experienced before.   

I educate, motivate, stimulate and help you navigate your sensuality to find freedom in being YOU! Make your love life sacred, delightful and fun. Let your life become magical. sensual erotic masseuse, healer and santera n shaman by blood  I am guided to take You where You need to go. 

Remember You are encouraged to breathe throughout the session to help you stay focused on the moment, the techniques are Qi kung, traditional deep taoist, yogic with energy manipulation  for the surrender to pleasure, and to move energy throughout the body. This full tantric breathing technique helps create full body bliss and a spiritual, higher connection to the divine! Once you reach a state of total relaxation, you are now prepared an emotional release! Every person responds differently. Many clients feel floating and tingling sensations, or have an out of body experience! 

Some of the issues I can help you with are: *Sexual inexperience *Confidence issues surrounding sexuality including body image *Issues surrounding intimacy * Premature ejaculation, Delayed ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction *Feelings of guilt and shame around sexuality

*Relieving stress and tension *A desire to reconnect with your se*uality and  tips, techniques in pleasing your partner (s) 

I offer only clean&hygienic Lifestyle Consulting & Tantra Therapies by appointment at your corporate or event and Festivals as well however: --> No "full service" or mindless bunny hoping,  there are many for that. 

I like a being fully present for me. It's different. Just like feeling like you are out if body and releasing what doesn't serve you. 

Thank you for respecting these boundries. My work is sensual and relaxing total bad assery ancientbliss. 

Remember you can add + bath ritual before + shower afterwards.  Hygiene is huge. But these are also yummy free add ons. -longer sessions are better to achieve full tantric experience I offer. That is why I encourage longer sessions for the first timers. A tantric session should be 90 minutes at least -There should be no rush - the goal is to melt into timelessness.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can't wait to hear from you. * 1 day notice required to schedule a session with me for Tantra for Trauma  If I am unable to answer your call, send me an SMS with more than just *hey*


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