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What to look for in a Tantric guide from my IG posts

Great advice ..cheers!!! And 

#exactly you unblock n leave half done then I get em... "Pls don't follow tantra without a proper guru. It is like giving a machine gun to a monkey. You will harm itself and others around you. Proper guru means not someone who is a jetsetter, cult creator who runs business empires with spiritual courses as money spinner. Tantra opens up pathways to worlds' not perceivable in your five senses inhabited by powerful beings. Disturbing them or inviting them to your world without knowing if they can help you or harm you is a big risk for you and the people you live with. Will you invite a stranger whom you have met only in a social media network to your home? Or will you troll a rich and powerful person in your neighborhood whom you don't know much?" ~Visvesvaran 

First artwork 

*********Art “Convergence” by Doug Sciorra ********

Do we understand this. In south park bottom bitch episode voice: "do you know what I am sayin'" Tantra is a powerful path and has many advocates. However, like many powerful things in life, there are pitfalls we should be aware of. The first danger might be falling in with a bad guru…sadly there are several people who abuse Tantra and use it as a place to manipulate others. However, lets say you find a respectable and genuine path and teacher. The main danger is working with strong energy. Tantra works with sexual energy, ideally to “sublimate it” (raise it up and refine it to create higher states of consciousness). However, this energy is very strong and can grow everything (it can be used to create a new child, so it magnifies everything!) Most ancient pathways suggest that the practitioner completes purification before working with the sexual energy. This may mean yoga, fasting, detox, purifying the mind with meditation and so on. Once this is stable then the practitioner starts the sexual practices. But in or modern world we want to hurry everything and many people jump into raising sexual energy too soon. They then find they are increasing negative qualities. For example if you have an anger problem, you may find yourself feeling MORE angry! Better to resolve the anger first. Other times people play around with energy without proper guidance, and may stimulate “kundalini” without being able to channel it or ground excess energy. This can make them over-stimulated, unable to sleep or even crazy. This energy is not a toy, nor a party game! Essentially, Tantra is a spiritual path (not a sexual technique) and is a step by step process to release karma and move towards one’s dharma, or true path." Shashi Solluna author of Tantra (Hay house) Film maker of Sex to Spirit #Justsayin It is not a date night thing or Yoga and brunch deal. Not the quality good one anyway. Cross reference. Mind your vibe. Enjoy it all but #consciously THERE AINT NO EASY PILL MAN ..NO MAGIC BOOK BUT THERE IS A GATELESS GATE SHAKTI

Other tidbits to look out for when choosing your tantric guide .. Not having the basic knowledge of what the difference is between Hindu Tantra, and Tibetan form. Not knowing, Nor understanding the difference between Traditional Asian-based Tantra, Versus, the American-Westernized version(s). Not having a proper Master-teacher of Asian Tantra, which I recommend. ( me too I did Japanese teacher for white tantra and white tigress then indian philosophy professor and Shavaiism devotee) Not having a clear understanding that the practice of Tantra, requires a sense of dedication. Not knowing that you may or will be required to learn some of the Tantra Spiritual language, or may be required some self-sacrifice on your part, etc. ~David StMichael AMA double helix Nomad And so on .. Tidbits of info because it is all about YOU And so much more IS going on

Book club 🐼

It is in Worshipping you that I am worshipping life itself. 

That is what you are isn't it


Existance itself

Having a miraculous human experience.  

Be well 

Stay elevated Nevada!!

Let's keep evolving !!!!