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"What we think, we become"


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Sacred is the space in which you feel

Create your sacred space, even when just with yourself. Dim the lights, set the intention that you are open to experience your energy body, more of the self, the essence that all has taken you away from. 

Experiencing yourself at deeper and deeper levels and this overflowing into your perception of the world around you. 

You can read about something but you must savour the experience of it. Not bitch n moan about every little discomfort. 

Not surrendering your power, your gender so easily selling your paths and life experiences for comfort. 

The taoist through sexual energy accomplished amazing alchemy, the samurai, the green dragons, the masters, the temple high priestesses,the followers of the path of the immortals in general, the luciferian, the goetic, the Teslas, the Egyptians, even the christianity butchers (the ones that ruined the story of the best Buddhist based revolutionary against the Roman empire), because they still had discomfort over unleashing the power of the other parts of the mind

The possibility of the merging of the subconscious and conscious, the neautrality and finally an evolution to our path as a humanity. 

Cmon now!

Experience yourself over and over and practice owning your energy.