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A little share about Tesla. Warnings, sexuality evolution, humanity

On the flip side what of our men?

And BTW if all you get out of this blog is the pics ...my #teachings and tantric style may be too much.... just sayin.

What Nikola Tesla said as how he felt about the Divine Feminine is how many women feel about the sacred masculines. What hapoened? What happened to that security of self? That king, that warrior, thatconqueror, that Rock. Addictions for coping, confusion as to provide or be provided for, fuc* not fuc*, how do F...how do they want it? No job security like before, providing is harder, catch up, catch up, how do I rise? What is a man........ The Fall has been great. Wow. This is not an attack, instead very hard to watch. How could it not be? In Teslas time he observed how the cause of events & actions had taken down the woman by taking away her purpose, making her believe in Equality when that was already in Nature. We are equals. one cannot exist without the other. We are in Duality. Positive Negative Male Female They already were equal. Important warning Perception is a bitch. You may kill what you already had by seeking what you by order of illusion think you have not! The masculine machine was intended and made to *fak* hunt* kill As Ken Wilbur said Take all that away and what have you done but leave the female to compete with the Male? That is not her divine power and purpose. It even goes against the order of purpose of the machine known as woman. The #RootChakra of humanity was taken down. (The I AM, the security the grounding of knowing who you are) The second chakra of humanity taken down By comparison, #consume more shit because You don't HAVE enough (Why you don't even know who or what you are) No. I Am I have Makes for a solid blow to the I CAN third chakra Do you #feelz me Or anything? Stray further from what you truly are and you are at the mercy simply of the natural cause n effect of things It is #Humanity going through this. All of us. Some in the frontlines This is no place for the Business of #spirituality but for Humanity to rise Or Continue allowing it's own destruction. By #ShaktiDurgatantra #tantra #nevada #men #tesla #awakening #evolve #thursday #ig #tahoe #Sacramento #shakti The pictures were bits from this Fantastic blog article 

I love ecobuilding, engineering and technology but used in ways to not damage the eco system or those around it so ...am into lots.  http://anengineersaspect.blogspot.com/2011/07/nikola-tesla-mr-tesla-explains-why-he.html?m=1 

Much love