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You are walking your path whether you are aware of it or not.

This one is info, links, is a longer one, after this one all techniques because  fucking enough about me.. 🐼 lol let's DO u (your techniques...lovers🤔🙂😉)

And this one has an example, super shortened 

(for a )  parable like explanatory bit about the mystery of the path.

Mainly  for new path inquiries, new path finders, daily pics, and for those who want longer term repeat journeys.

 If you want to pay 250 for a brilliant hand job of a quick 30minutes this isn't  for you. It is glorious but others offer just that. So why take from them. 

Contemplate for a second to be able to differentiate the styles of tantra offered as well by a little more about me but not in order or in a set way because it is to show you that the path is not straight. It IS spiral like the Buddha said. 

When I got into math it was due to my spirituality.

When I began researching shamanic practice was as a nerd child, after experiencing my Guatemalan granny who talked to spirits and was one with the land in such an intimate personal way. 

When I got into crossing over to Magic it was because the Family also had Santeros and Magic wizards. Learned about it and even before teenage years I noticed the Magic in Catholic rituals, the annointing, I saw the way in which the elements were mentioned in all paths, the indian was out of respect for my ancestors. 

I felt the need to study the Lakota, the violence and astronomy genius of the Maya and Aztec.

The bird people. 

The tribes. The Aboriginal,  eskimo, Native American. Inca, the islanders etc. 

I hunted the common threads then onto Philosophy but while doing family, corporate...the rat race. 

10 years ago I left it. Rat race. 

On the



I was always sexual not simply as in horny, no  as in carrier of a lot of sexual energy. And aware that sexual energy was way way more than what mamma and sex ed said. 

 I attracted it. Even some that I  didn't want to be attracted to me. Conversations always went to sex. A man told me, when I was a little hellion bartender many different lifetimes ago, 

He said "when you step into your true being and become a true woman you will be a force to be reckoned with"

I took it as an invitation from universe. 

I thought "huh.."

I always felt the power of it. 

Always knew the orgasm was too good to just be a hump reaction..no. I knew it was more. And so...

That openNess to the experience has been a secret weapon. I didnt know it was my weapon until later. 

Mind as a child, the path is narrow...

To fast forward.  

 When I got into deep healing was due to serious self healing and remains the case ( all natural except for new corneas lol).

As an athlete or lifetime active life or when body building, I  combined breathwork, music and meditation now active meditation is all I  really love actually. 

When I got into doing regular 

 advanced breathwork it was because I was leaving addictions and made a pact with myself to be as chemical free- (processed foods etc. included, no medications.substances and alcohol free). Sticking with Only the natural medicine.

 Still partaking in that, but since I got into advanced breathwork and holotropic breath as a way to heal and trip balls, jk, I  do go into very yummy altered states,  the shroomies haven't come. They haven't come much after Iboga as a whole time frame, snap shot observation. The path for me formed itself I was into philosophy before math, into art then art and math and history but the hard to find. Now suddenly each step makes sense. I took what I resonated with. living with Indians, in New York, big city, LA, Guatemala, tons of countries and countless cities as soon as possible and experiencing. I suppose it was very Buddha like ..I just set off to travel one day I guess. 

If you see it one way,  I did plant my stake. Not onto a house or Social marriage etc, but onto my path. 

And yes Taoist Tantra and Tantra in general, uses sexual energy as a form of ascension such that is mentioned or hinted at in all sacred text and philosophical, gnostic, mystic and the literature from great master minds of mankind.  Being proven by science and quantum physics now. It's a path and I am deeply in love with it.

That in itself the 

"You want a book to read? Read the story of your life"

The coming together of so many things. 

Basically experience it all. Embrace who you are. 

Different situations. almost dying a few times, walking away from everything to set my foundation and start over. The near deaths 

Those were all part of my schooling

Ya just have to Rise up 

Own it

And let your self imposed limitations go. 

How you live is how you fuck. 

How you are sexually

Reflects alot. 

Hyper sexuality is not necessarily that ya love sex so much

I like approaching Tantra for the philosophical journey the release of the mind 

The owning the mind

The traditional taoist healing

The Egyptian energy manipulation 

And I add the Shamanic twist

I can take open minds on a journey into fire

Or into trauma release 

Or into sacred masculine fields of energy

And sometimes ya get to see me in there in the fire. Haha. 

I add the shamanic and the researchable sacred text and links or path studies to give to you so you can add to your own sexual or life practice. 

It is delicious but by the time I entered the tantric path I had been in the adult entertainment industry as a very unique Domina as well (scarification, chinese water torture, sensory deprivation, more out there taboo kinks without the sex), sat still done family life, art show life. I had been in corporate (6ys not long) and been on my path always always. Even when running away from it. 

By the time Tantra found me I was tantric. 

So much so, I did not practice it for a year and a half because I wasn't tantric with myself at the time I respect the path. 

Sacred sex among two advanced Tantrics is Divine. 

But I don't sell the illusion. 

After one journey you will have as great an experience as you open your mind up to. It can be really at great high  levels for some people. An open minded snow boarder with good breathwork and no Chakra knowledge can go into the deafening silence. But it's all you on that. I guide. 

This is Bushido, tao, chi knowledge.

This is about honoring and worshipping yourself again. 

Owning your masculinity or just plain sexuality 

Not falling for the noise and coming back to center, back to the mountain, as they say in Qi kung. 

After one journey you leave with much and techniques you can later crossreference or link search yourself. 

When in an area for set time like now, longer before off grid, I can Ladder it. 

So Jacob's Ladder Package will include 

After 2nd journey and if person has practiced breathwork at least while working out or something..copilot remember?

Second journey moves into more energy work but now more so as a team, more participation on co pilot part

But goal being to have a fire release or physical wave of energy release in a *specific* part of body. Practice your energy manipulation! 

You physically and mentally target an area you wish to send energy to and upon the energy releasing you can  experience that area receiving it. Etc

By third journey we explore more alchemy, more movement rhythm flow to experience a deeper Vision Quest Humble warrior Journey

I get calls and asked many questions but no matter what you discover or follow, don't cling to the questions

Understand this is not religious or new.

Taoist Egyptian and Hindu practices are ancient.

Shamanism is not new but you don't become a Shaman by getting  a Shaman certification in Vegas. 

You can already be a Shaman by practice and blood but in SPIRITUALITY being the  "business of spirituality" that it is now just follow your gut. 

This is erotic and sensual but for a person who wants to 

Own his or her energy

Own your mind 

Use it for analysis, data collecting, use not be owned by it.

For the man or woman who wants to own his or her sexuality not be ashamed of it not act out of guilt or anger. 

Not suppress it but instead  use it, cultivate 

it, manipulate it. 

Or for the person who wants to activate the energy body. Add one or two or more parts of their journey  to their life practice. 

Or for those wanting better focus, better physical vigor without viagra or substitute for strength and energy drugs. 

Do it one time for the experience 

More times for trauma

Or for self owned levels of


Mastery of techniques

But the goal is for you to be an active copilot 

Like life 

So breathe with me

The only other ways I could help you feel and manipulate your energy body would be to

Get you angry

Beat you up

Have you flatline

Experience near death

Go see you when you are very sick

Or make you do repetitive prostrations to failure. 

I believe this is much yummier. 

The combining of my degrees, blood background, ,beliefs, loves, physical exercise, natural healing 

Is very special.  I wish balance for all.

The middle path

The finding of neautrality 

in duality

The reaching the deafening silence and riding the O into self 

Mmmm and out in liberation

The rise of yo kundalini

May you ride the snake like Jim Morrison said. 


For tantric path finders😉 link to 

Foods that boost your sexual energy libido 

Definitely spot on 


Alan Watts: Relax


Carl Jung on sexuality


Krishna Dass

 Desire, sexual energy closing

After this is when I started using the mantra "best thing that ever happened to me.."

And it would be 


Krishna Dass

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Conscious Tantric Sex

Ram Dass

Audio explains the importance of the right guide and the seriousness of Shiva Shakti Rituals for a true Tantric devotee like me

Also the ties that bind us when fucking. 

Choose wisely 

Cleanse after needy or possessive partners

Ram Dass was and will be one of the highest souls of recent times 


Straight real talk beautiful 

Listen to Ram Dass - Here & Now - Ep. 55 - Sex & Spirituality by Be Here Now Network on SoundCloud


Ram Dass Sexuality

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