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What the mudra?

Mudras are hand gestures used in Buddhist, tao, hindu and other more traditional practices.  However the prayer hands are most definitely a mudra as well. 

So let's take a sprint through what the hands can do....among many other things of course. 

We use them in traditional advanced Tantra to add to the breathwork energy manipulation. 

The massage is also more deep pressure targeting for example the sexual organs through massage to feet. 

Directing the energy in  a healthy sequence.  

You can add a mudra, preferably held for 15min plus, to your meditation practice,  I used to add the strength mudra to my pre workout when body building, you can add them to a plethora of things and use them in any part of your life practice. 

To keep it simple am posting, sharing the ones I teach and pass on the most.

I use over 2 or 3 dozen throughout my life. Depending on what my body is calling for. 

This is what I meant by sex organs and foot massage, btw.


To continue:

These next ones are very practical 

If you have interest do one different one, a week or a day. 

As you can see with the Ganesha mudra posted twice

One from a more soul spirit perspective and this one from a very physical pressure point perspective 

You will get whatever you are able to receive and choose to receive out of them. 

Others have a magical perspective 

Whatever YOU resonate with. 

Also this is a simplified collection and I say simplified because it is a nice add on to a book n jewelry spot 


These are Chakra based

The Base Chakra is the chakra that keeps you grounded. It is also related to your survival instincts "fight or flight response" when threatened. Relates to material gains and is also associated with lust and obsession. It is also where Kundalini resides.  

Root chakra mudra

Sacral chakra mudra 2nd energy center

Solar chakra 3rd energy center

Your manipura ( I like the name )

Your unconditional love center

Heart chakra

It even looks balanced and flowy

Anna Third eye mudra

I remember it by thinking about seeing with my heart and soul

And the I know

The crown


Tilly Cambell did art on those by silk alchemy in prints or whatever. 

Great things for those with yoga studios or massage practitioners etc. Silkalchemy.com


As usual I believe all should be explored,  cross reference and enjoy. In your practice they may prove to be a great add on or for me ..has led me to more Qikung...

I practice alchemy Japanese ones but that is just what I was drawn to more right away. 

You find out who you are as you expand experience and find out who you are not. 

Much love