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Gnostic tao hoodoo shaman panda wurdz

It is very hard to catch me staying still to do the marketing of endless picture social media days... unless I am doing me. Then physically still ..mentally..but still still?? Hmmmm

Unless I am doing me. My path walk n talk

I am doing me, most of the time these days as self physical  healing has become a general passion life practice and my work is very much deepened my path. This spiraling hence deepening the level at which I do my practice which demands more and more self devotion.

But get this,  because it works  the opposite of what we are taught ...in increased self devotion we are more able to give especially of ourselves. 

Long running intro but a little shot of spirituality. 

We are taught to give in order to be loved,  love is taught to us as something outside of ourselves. But that is not so and debilitating.The entire journey is about you. 

Get a little Bruce lee in you.


Dare to go into yourself. 

Dare to Experience yourself.

To unfuck yourself in awareness. 

Since you fucked yourself in sleep. 

You tryin to be or follow the woke right?

Or are you simply sensing something ain't right here?

Well c'mon then. 

It is about accepting yourself which is a daily thing. Tantra is great for addictive personality people because you keep getting new longer lasting fixes ...so to speak. You discover that within you is a well of abundance of whatever you thought was outside of yourself. 

The control is in the surrender though, which can also be a daily never ending challenge as the mind fights to stay in control. 

You will be tested. 

Your energy rocked

For the first time you will feel your energy shift and just breathe out the simple recognition of the emotion. 

Much different from

Respond vs react

Now since you are aware it gets not harder but next level. 

The answer to the riddle is you. 

You are the first and last piece to the puzzle.

You are the Alpha and Omega. 

But you must be resilient and you will endure much unnecessary pain because resistance is futile so

We bring it upon ourselves. 

Get to the sex. The Tantra lady!!

I am

Talking sex

I am spitting the f out Tantra. 

When you are with them there are many perspectives.  

Like life. 

If you give to receive 

Do you give to give yourself pleasure?

Some men for example love eating yoni flower, whether they can or not. 

But they don't do it for the partner they do it for themselves. 

That creates one vibe. 

Another does it and loves the experience and how it differs with each and every woman or with one woman in so many ways. 

That creates another type of vibe. 

And reverse it to women in whatever way as well. 

A woman agrees to do an act in order to "get something " 

Ie: agrees to a threesome or party whatever in order to get the guy. .man to like her more or to reawaken that spark....

To get something 

That creates one type of energy


The other woman agrees because the experience whether good or bad is one she will simply experiencing in order to delightfully humbly maybe discover another layer of herself. 

That creates a whole other vibe. 

The way you live your life Is very much so

Not 100% nothing really is

But very much how you are sexually and how you are sexually is normally how you live your life. 

The pure essence

The roots

You bring a vibration to the table

Like a magnet before living your reality 

Be it sex 

Lack thereof

Your experience 

You create it

Like a magnet




Waves...heart waves...

Very exciting times. 

Math is proving the ancients right. 

There is a divinity after all. 

It's not a religion or a path. It is in becoming devoted to self, accepting that there will possibly be a hell if a lot of darkness to navigate. 

Hey! It is you...YOU..that you are accepting to experience.  

In your journey you may encounter you hit roots buried in childhood that you must clear. Pull like a Shaman.

Activate the Healer. 

Wake up the ancient power with in. 

You heal by experiencing in awareness and remapping the mind. Observing without judgement gets easier but at first you will judge yourself and in that level you will hurt. 

When you see beyond the matrix grid and get to get used to having compassion for yourself. As a person and a lover. 

Experience it all with humility because my love ....you really don't even know how you got here. 

Sometimes you do. 


So level by level to walk a sexually and mentally liberated expanding path is being tantric. 

Takes a lil bit to let go of old patterns ancestral and culturally rooted ones especially.  

Of course.

But this is your movie. 

You are life itself 

This is your fucking rad human experience 

Don't let anyone take that away fromyou for a life time of NOT LABOR..LABOR IS GOOD, no, for a lifetime of slavery. 

Society is experiencing a plateau in its comfort. 

I mean unless we can tell the machine to look for something or find something, we are not comfy. 

Comfort leads to so many low vibration things, it is comfortable..eventually stagnant energy. Easy target for low vibe waves. 

The more you understand possibility, potentiality, math, patterns 

The more you are at peace

And you let your essence flow. 

The better you give of yourself the better you are able to receive.  

If you are not able to fully experience yourself, how will you be able to experience another wholly?

Its a process and although you love you learn to love 

Embrace and let go n grow

Quantum leaps!

Quantum leaps are exciting in the early ascension levels. 

Thenyou realize it is like a video game. new level new awareness, responsibility but new


Where is the best you will find once you get to intense game play?

What book besides the book of your life should you read?

 Truth is  disappearing fast. More and more hi ranking teachers are leaving the scene as gurus are more and more acting like rock stars. We have turned our being spirits

Energy balls of limitless wonder into a business. 

The business of spirituality.  

Aim for the ancients. Hard to decifer. I learned to read and decifer many old coded text I probably cursed at many times in 1998 to 2004!!

Brutal. But I wanted pure yoga, pure traditional chinese medicine. 

Talk to elders 

Take eco vacations 

get some indigenous knowledge outside of the ayahuasca tourist trap. 

Experience the old ways just to experience yourself experiencing them. 


It is all sexual

In the sense 

it is all Desire

Why do you want to give


Why do you desire to give?

What urged you 

Motivated you

Besides the desire


Experience it

The motive

The intent

The desire

The experience 

The experiencee 

All is 


At once

Like I teach you in the tantric journey

You are in the frequency 

In your breath

In the visual

In the room

In the feelz

In the fire

In the tunnel

And you say you are just a Man

Just a woman?



Safe way to live dying. 

Much love. 

There be knowledge drops

Drops of knowledge which is useless

Until it turns to applied knowledge then your own wisdom breaks through  the lava as Pele's pure Fire baby!

It's your life practice 

Your life experience 

Self devotion Is good for all. 

All is you

And nothing at once. 


Take it deeper

This is it

Mini meditations like in IG stories but shifting to only doing them on site as reminders for students, path finders, journey men and women.