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Jungian appetizer b4 the tantric meal

A big mistake westerners make when approaching  Tantra, is that it will eliminate problems and struggles with their partner, partners and all will be better. Just Fuck it out n breathe a little. Slower sex and yeay. 

Not the case. 

True tantra is about your true essence and that means all of You. It does require demand maybe so much of you. 

That has been shared with you. I am going off grid to stay healthy and alive with natural healing but for my path and life practice.  

It requires will even if you just do a tantric journey. 

As ridiculous as it sounds to have to ask people to commit to breathing so that we can use the energy for healing, clearing and feeling good not only on a physical level but on a mental and emotional level. It feels silly to seem demanding by some when I am requesting they learn for 90 minutes to breathe-- so properly they feel the difference the next day!

But yes at least commit to 90 minutes of self care. 

However if interested in an advanced traditional tantric path or if diving into it 

Remember the tantric path within challenges  your consciousness against the unconscious and puts you face to face with your darkness. 

A person who has anxiety at a max, neurosis, panic any mild mental experience they see as a problem needs to go very slow with Tantra. 

We in the west believe

" oh! This is good! This takes the bad away, the struggles with my partners will vanish and boom instant gratification and all good. 

Indeed you must face your darkness, accept your conditioned programming, your ancestral, your cultural chains and release all from the root. 

All that you believe to be yourself. 

The good thing is you can use sexual energy for 10% of it. I suppose. 

Only about 10% of True tantra has to do with sex. 


In Tantra many concepts are hard to grasp from the perspective coming from the west. Not bad, just a bit more work maybe.

All grows from darkness


Seed dark under the earth etc


Heat up water it expands n rises

Pretty much a mini explanation of what goes on in the tantric journey.  

We speed up the energy get you to be still for a moment when you are rising so that you allow yourself to


"The radiance of paradise alternates with deep dreadful night" Faust C.F.B

The unity of life and consciousness is the tao. Whose symbol would be the central white light. This light swells in the square inch, in the face, between the eyes."

"Activa all light and dark forces of human nature and with them, all the psychological opposites of whatever kind they may be. It is self knowledge by means of self incubation ( sanskrit Tapas)." Carl Jung

All comes up and you are tested because you cant use self judgement, anxiety, poor this or that, you yourself forge yourself 

You are the purified lead 

as in alchemy

Lead is dirty and sulfur the fire  .  Etc....

So do not believe charlatans that portray Tantra as anything less than what it is.

Absolute greatness that brings forth your true essence and higher self and yeah..

Ya fuck better because you are evolvING and secure, free, liberated, devoted to self, strong in vulnerability and able to transmute your own darkness and your own bullshit. 

Then you can truly share yourself And experience another as you experience yourself in them, through them and allow them to experience themselves in a different way and you. 


Good luck....

Great alchemy and unconditional love for the experience.  


Much love