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Infinite LoveGasm

Imagine if you will electrical beats and heat and waves attracting, majorly attracting at times enduring transmutation by other energies in waves. Always in numbers. Existence Is about replication if looked at it in a very mindless way. Still mathematical but not truly applicable. The waves swim apart flow apart it seems if looked at from far away says Watts. It is like looking at constellations from our perspective because we are limited to seeing them in several separate groups. But are they really separate. If you can expand with breath and mind to see from another perspective you will see that from within the milky way it would look much different. A web endless a one... Go there If you can go back and imagine that perspective Remember that perspective... The vibes and feelings will come from your star dust days. Orgasm to the thought of that. Shakti Durga Tantric Arts The yum yum Traditional tantric Shaman 

Escape the  mind and the magnetic swarm of waves...sorry I wanted you to Orgasm first lol. The drama of all ...pulls you on more and more to that which you are choosing to focus on !!

and so you end up in an endless loop. 

Anyway the podcast lol baby one 

Just a tool that us working for uploading 

Guided meditations

Tantra info

Chakra info



So I can share more


And on podbean where they offer a ton of cool audio vibes

Oh yeah joined no make up hashtag caravan for a day

new episode Shakti Durga Tantra Intro, please check it out


 episode Guided Meditation into lower sacred tunnels


episode Guided Meditation up to the crown part 2

Or click and find them all

Wank n meditate