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Tantra daily Tuesday ripples n chillosophy

Dry your eyes and I shall embrace you for eternity Said the beloved. In surrender you accept almost in Euphoric bliss "I Am not my family" "I am not him or her, I am not my lovers, or them...And they Are not me. Not only is that ok instead of sad or disappointing or lonely or boisterous boasted anything...no No not at all it is divine acceptance and as soon as you do go into that with true pure intention and acceptance and observation of the observed all at once... You let go and go deeper into a place where it is so indescribably awe inspiring... You see that there is no you or he or she or we or ... All is just beyond it all you are able to see your pattern of lights are all just individual responses in a matter of speaking in the limitless collective way. You are basically a joint...a ligament ..in the vastness of it all Experiencing life through the point in which you are looking through The point in which you are choosing to see your vast indescribable greatness for it is mindblowing or your limited self imposed form. It is fascinating. I tire not of going deeper. If not many live this beyond books that is not my choice for even In Death I wish to experience it all. All ...the slower speech delivered by the mind...the lights from shock and spasms, missed connections system shut down...boom...slowly smile...inhale And exhale into that ocean of sweet nothingness. It is all feels..haha of a different vibe .. And that is not a popular common acceptance of it all. But yes. In this trip... I saw I was far too deep too see with my eyes. I do not need my eyes to really see How Great I Am How great it all is. Today I choose to be the loudest beat in the symphony of life Realeasing In waves I Am All of it May you arrive no matter how or when May you Arrive #shaktidurgatantra #tantricpath #teacher #workshoppresenter #IAM I AM AND I DO NOT NEED YOU TO SEE THAT OR RESPECT IT OR LOVE IT OR CHERISH IT BECAUSE I FUCKING JUST AM AND I CAN SEE ALWAYS HAVE .....ALWAYS WILL... #shakti #love #tuesdaythoughts #motivation #meru #liberation #oracle #buddha #goddess #reno #tahoe #miami #nevada #chillosopher #universalmind #lotus #be #exist #tuesday #poetic 

Chillosophy Science IS the new Religion and that be oh so fucking good!

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