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Self care for women and the Mayan Womb Massage (cont'd)

Here, I offer the womb massage but also with my Shamanic and i recommend more than just this as self care.

Your yoni steams and yoni eggs (specific ones not acid washed ones! Educate yourselves) and your kegals plus some good sexual cleansing should be on all self care lists. 

The womb stores trauma, pain, self denial stores here, when  you deny your light to parts of your self~ be that fragmented self ..the inner child etc., just like  men store things in  pelvic area as well. 

That being said on a physical biological level...

Your uterus can get tipped or out of alignment. 

This can effect fertility, add to discomfort during that time of the month. 

If you have been a runner you can experience this, hard falls or awkward falls can tip it as well and high heels especially on Concrete. 

The upper womb area is also your solar plexus massage that for an hour and connect to limitless healing and energy. 

The lower womb area also holds your damage or hyperactive or healthy Root chakra and Sacral chakra. .so overall a powerful and important zone for the Goddess. 

Plus it is Self care. Tighter


and less dirty without sexual partner debris. 

From a comfort and relief perspective you should feel lighter, at times right after women will throw up after my massage and that is good! That is a good purge cleansing. 

Crying, can happen, spontaneously.

You can feel an electric shot and then boom start laughing your ass off or crying. This is because the touch is done consciously targeting pressure points much like acupuncture. Of course also part of this self care is that it unlocks memory and once that is unlocked we can move towards healing. 

I do Tantric journeys, past life regressions in ways that you can learn to do it yourself. 

As a shaman in tradition, that is what a Shaman does. Teach you too heal yourself. 

I do not go against any medical treatment, I do however recomend self care that does not interfere with science 100%

For more on the teacher of this please do cross reference 

Arvigo Maya Massage, after Rosita Arvigo, Dr. Arvigo developed the technique in part from her 10-year apprenticeship with Don Elijo Panti, heralded by the New York Times as "The last Maya master healer in Belize." 

I am offering the goddess experience which includes yoni steam, guided rebirth healing meditation,  chakra opening cleans and spin, yoni egg instruction and mayan womb massage. 

For $150

That is less than a good deep tissue because I truly believe all women should know about these ancient practices.