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Gotta love those fulfilling Feels

You can practice with your partners but self dedication and devotion in solitary practice pay off in volumes. 

The goal is to not feel the life force energy coming out of you and leaving the spot on the bed, the lovers belly or what not

The goal is to feel that life force energy flowing through you.

Revitalizing your body, internal organs 

Using alchemy is why Chia calls it the practice of steaming that current that flow that energy and guiding it up your body from sexual energy centers up through higher organs ..heart and mind..pass through crown and so on.

To feel the full benefits of that essence is what taoist tantra is about. 

So yes it is a practice and sexual kung fu is more of an appropriate name for it if ya gunna  do it right. 

And doing it wrong could be damaging. That is why you also want someone who knows and walks their path. 

May you choose wisely and form an amazing life journey for yourself. 

Peace and Ohms ~ Shakti


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