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A collage of virtual proportions

Just randomness collection of insti and sm stuffs 


Online classes ...European hours ...

.me and my ideas!!! Lol Europeans are great in terms of being so much more familiar with tantra but mmmmm time zones 🤡🙃🤣😎

My question to new students What and who are you Right Now? What are you carrying? Tell me what you are, man or woman, enough to #OWN Right the fuck now! And I do NOT mean material. It is from there that we can start. I must know what we have to begin with. If I can even choose to teach this person. The material I work with. But if we own nothing. I can not be of service. Leave your sad excuses at the door. The world is full of our beautiful stories of the agony and ecstasy of life. Next is Why are you here? Do you have a clue? Who are you? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? (A guy once said ..."till I hear a thump!!🤣🤣) In that case My question is How is your mental health? Very key. Not for average reasons but also because you will be mindfucked repeatedly. Next How's your health? Ie:Injured Vertebrae may hold a clue or two...and ya gotta be healthy to breathe like a real human god I suppose if ya wanna jazz it up. Otherwise my ending is If I choose to teach the person Ok....strap on let's Journey into this! When we say goodbye you will see that there wasn't 2 Ever Even this post... You read to the end. Good You asked me to write it for ya... Manifesting is fun baby Just a lil different #animalspirits mini chit chat in #instagramstory #wwwshaktidurgatantra #shamanicTantra #classes #pastliferegression #mayanwombmassage #handsfree #tantricjourneys by appt only takes a lot of my energy gotta charge up #sexualkarmicCleanse #wombhealing #jungian #mystic #sexualkungfu #gnostic #buddha #flow #bambi (you bambi baby) #worldswisdom #WednesdayWisdom #innerpeace #shamanic #today #now #tahoe #reno #norcal #online #miami 4 special eye dr visits and online of course 


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