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Shamanism, animal energy & a loom.

If you picture exactly what tantra means which is loom



Expansion  we can begin. 

So imagine a loom and the progress of say from string ..thread ..to tapestry. 

Simplified, string after string, one blending in with the other. 

As the weaving continues you no longer see one string, or two, you don't see where one ends and the other begins. 

At times you don't even see particular patterns, you just see the total picture and forget how it started. 

Very simplified explanation there but what is the use of fancy words if gone misunderstood or worse, causing more separatism.

Back to the tantric vibe;

So here we have this infinite web now that keeps expanding and in this vast collective web we have different energies (strings).

If you have ever read Terrance McKenna or shroomies you have heard of the wonderful Web. 

I teach people to navigate it so I know you see it. Coincidentally many have since the begining of recorded trips and shaman notes. 

Picture that Earthy string, the crystal energy, animal energy and so on. 

Keep this simple. 

Layer after layer of energies. 

Moving into the animal energy layer which if you haven't caught on ..it includes ~ you. As do all of them. But that we will cover in another blog. 

The animal energy in terms of your expansion is very vital. 

A whole library of Alexandria or the Smithsonian in terms of the wealth of knowledge.  

As a healer one could 

"connect" with that mama bear or papa bear energy for stronger comforting and protective energy around the person you are working with, during/before or after the healing. 

How do you begin to do that?

Very simple again. 

You are all of it. 

So connect to that juicy reptilian brain in the back of your head. Open up that third eye with visualization exercises.  

Go into yourself

Have you forgotten you ARE an Animal?

No need to try and connect baby, 

You ARE it. 

On a basic lingo level connect to the animal within.

You have the predator instinct 

*the gut mind of a gorilla in the mist looking after his family,  you have the roar of a lion deep within and  you are the most adaptable animal on the planet,  go there!

What the f*** do you have to connect with your it. When necessary you even lick your wounds, like an animal, like what you are, you basically f*** like one even in your Earthly Glam skin suit. 

No need to connect.

Just be. 

In every situation just sit, Shut up and be. Once you allow yourself to be you see it.

Tantra wise the sexuality of it all is 10% as stated in books, sacred text and oh so many writings. Now here with the shamanic we reach the tantric state perhaps to some via another angle. 

An average person doesn't see themselves as a human animal or mammal,  they see Scott or Julie trying to connect to something outside of themselves. 

Don't try ~just accept that you are it.

Sexually reach deep into the serpentine vibes, smell the scent of desire and sex on your partner like the beast of a miracle that you are. 

Be the lion or lioness energy or tap into other power animals that may already be in your path. 

For me the Panda energy was huge for balance when I was so off balance. I even went and got tattooed for the ritualistic value of it. The blood sacrifice, the physical reminder of play, work your own way, get lost in the moment and just enjoy it but in balance. 

Very key to the middle path I was walking. 

With partners I have called on an animal energy to assist with

ie: an owl for communication in astral, a horse to help carry my desires swiftly into manifestation, or a white tigress for my white tigress path. 

Mainly I add the Shamanic for enhanced senses since our animal within has these developed at a higher level. 

More acute senses make the experience just a little more expansive. 

You can use the animal energy to intensify your own energy and if both partners are bringing Out their animal roar, what happens automatically is that your energies begin to dance a more primal dance. As a couple this can get exciting because it takes what I always tell people to another level. 

I tell people to feel with their skin

Smell with your nose

Sense with your tongue 

ie: scent or taste of fear

Enjoy it!!

Just be your power animal or simply be the Animal that you ARE. 

Much love. 

 I will write more on this and I teach it as you can see in the class description but wanted to expand on the power animal mini lesson on my Instagram story mode. 

As well as shedding more light on the fact that you are everything and then some.