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Social me&a bit more on the writer of this blog. The juice.

Intimate share because there is no excuse for not evolving. And books

Don't ya feel me

Shit food Separate Chakra after chakra of humanity is getting hit! The resistance is taking knees out. They think you can not even feed yourselves anymore, they insult you in every commercial even legalization was to calm the masses down..They take control and fuck you some more like they do with Petro Since you big riding cowboys cant stop sucking Petro Dick. People . Can we #evolve ? We got this. Fuck changing the world Just do you If you do you You need not #try to #change Because in just being Releasing the mind You Will Evolve We found the middle path We evolved into neutrality Remember You ....did it... Come journey My self healing has me On #ohm #wwwshaktidurgatantra #mothersday #special #mayanwombmassage #pastliferegression #sexualkarmiccleansing I don't bite ladies I honor the goddess in you You are a reflection of the beloved in all I am here to help you clean that sweet soul of yours clean than stank ya carry on you with every finger tip that touches you.. and release that pain you need not carry any more. ------------ poetic bliss #monday #writes #creative #sesh #society #realist #sheeple #ownthemind #meditation #sexual #remember #powerful #sex and #maya #free #followers #create #creator #evolving #mamaRev The elder women are a Rising And we came back alive to shake shit up. The Shaman Rises Retreats A two demented crones production 👽 

Sex play mini exercise gents..Close your eyes or cover your lovers eyes 

Activate the Hunter!! Feel with your skin Sense once again First sense where is the other person to touch you Then sense whether it will be a kiss or a nail, wet tongue A pounce Will there be ice perhaps melting from eager lips Caliente! Or from honey drops Dew drops Or will there be A facesitting Yeah! Make it as sensual Multisensory As kinky (No humiliation or pain ..not tantra if ya go there. That"s your deal lol) But make it a very sensual Excitement stage of tantra building exercise 😘 With an added gut mind exercise (sensing trust your gut mind! It strengthens back up quick...) And an added ** feel with skin not the mind practice ***and this can even increase to a third eye opening exercise Which with added breath For alchemy ..mmmm Can enhance the line up the spine 😊😉snake like energy thanG because you breathe into the genitals pull up family jewels/or yoni on the exhale pushing energy up while laying there blindfolded just breathing a little different but who cares.. Experience your lover at a deeper level Not with your mind! Shut your fucking mind up by following your breath activating that hunter the one who trusted his Gut The one who listened when the hair on his arms stood up, the one who felt his lover in the next room or approaching. The one who smelled fear a mile away. Try to smell if your beloved feels afraid of not being enough even at a game of love. Smell their fear Like I do yours when you come for a Tantric Journey! Haha! Roar! The teachings of Shaktidurgatantra.com #wwwshaktidurgatantra #evolve #ignite #theflame #within #thehiddenGodiswithin #illuminated #hathor #worldwisdom #oshun #love #couples #sensual #thirdeye #chi #laketahoe #shaman #blindfoldsInTantra ooooo #laketahoe #monklife #teachin #shaman #studentoflife May I blindfold you sir So that you may see your Divine light my Sacred Masculine, my Shiva? For it is in worshipping you that I worship myself. Shakti Durga Tantra Motto Mantra the #yumyum 

Books for avid readers like me

Book club recommendations

Past ..yeah here's a lil pinch

Yes. Am very real ..from farmer 

Who severely deserved good mama ocean love mmmm

To Artist with noteworthy satire in your face art

Am starting to Paint Again 

I have explosively creative periods

I write plays, songs, paint, teach, now learning yet another language...I am not like others nor do I care anymore 

And well anyone can find neutrality especially if they have awareness and balance of the #shivashakti  


Must be balanced my loves 

Not just own the mind but well self devotion is a must. 

I have art seasons...art comes to me only when am in tune dialed in.

Other times not at all. 

No passion too much turmoil and I can't...get the flow to get artsy. 

So I flow 

But I like Satire 


Painting Political funnies

Some know these things others ..no....so here we go

I am a theosophy collector of sacred text in original languages..

I decided some

Some play disk golf

Others play ball 

Others snowboard

Learn pashtu

I decode the bible 

Read the book started finding codes in all of them...

All world wisdom left great hints and all the greats have studied eachother...like the Tesla studying Swami knowledge...like Crowley going to Egypt or Hitler being Fascinated with monks, the symbol adaptation and enhanced human performance.  


Road rashed my chin though. Picatoria..am very real 

Quirky as well 

Never asked to be Shamanic

I just was

My 2nd grade teacher told my mom I was possessed haha! I basically made her feel a Vader Choke hold when I stared her down. She began shaking in front of the class. Told my religious ma i was Satan. Lol. 

I was just kid free mind strong n pure. 

Oh and was a pretty rad Cosplay model. 

Always a bit of a joker

My friends are few and spread throughout the globe

Some are obsessed with the new Language. 

Development of a language that is more appropriate for free creative thinking and expression.  

Some explore the new global financial options

Others are lawyers fighting Monsanto or Small Farmers keeping hope alive, keeping the land while we are in the frontlines.  

I will be there soon ..

I have other friends that make music,  produce sets in just the right frequency with the intention of activating dancing festival family members. 

Other friends work on the medical

Could I be right about the Johny Mnemonic theory and we all agree on Ascension symptoms *prollems* as I call them with a gum snap 

Others work the body ...enhanced human performance



Indigenous shamanic and aboriginal not only energy work but alchemy and energy manipulation

Another friend has passed on her spiritual practice of many years  to her daughter after removing a curse off a national ball team and them finally winning. 

Another remote views for the cops even his a meetup group

3 others heal men with sex.. 

Another makes designer plant medicine and by that I mean 

How do you want this trip to be

How fast

How visual

How sensory


Or visual hallucination or both

Only no orders please lmao

He is deep up in the mountain north of Manuel Antonio in CR just takes those who find there way to him.

Shaman Zig

I like higher minds

Low frequency 

Low vibe

Low emotional intelligence

Logical intelligence 

Ignorance is a choice in the age of knowledge 

Low self love 

Low self devotion dedication

Ehhhh those bore me

I now crossed the line too far to turn back and know others who are experiencing the same. 

Cmon we must be evolving ...lol

I tried running from my path a few times but I gotta tell you

When you walk your path

Are the path



And it all just lines up

We do create

We are creators but 

You still have to serve your purpose 

There is always more

Go deeper




Slow baby

It you will miss all the signs you left for yourself. 

This Tantra my teachings I pass on are White Tigress 

white traditional tantra

That can be for a dip into something more

Or a deep plunge into the one moment we have

Besides Besitos 

You got this 

You did this remember 

Time travelers...

Much love


Its possible

It's good for you

And Finally 

When a very key in my life past lover died I read his obituary and notes written about him when I was contemplating leaving for Hawaii.. I found out about his death by accident (nothing ever is..) and His friends and people who loved him all echoed the same sentiments "At his best he was the most spiritual person& embodiment of light that you ever met At his worst....he left us..." My inner journey was then set! All systems GO All my lovers All our lovers Intimate twin flames Or karmic flames Are Master Teachers Their darkness is resonant with our own At our worst we were both afraid to be ourselves. At our worst we could never understand why we just couldn't fit into this world And at our best We experienced our first timeless tantric sex experience Looking into eachother's eyes wondering ~who are you to have taken me there? Breathless at our best we knew we didn't have to "fit in" we were the world and oh so much more! ---------- Look at your darkness Your partner Your lovers They are great reflections of you at your best And you at your worst. And you know this... That's why it stings at times Shakti Durga www.shaktidurgatantra.com The Universe confronts you...🤣😎😜😘 #tantra #classes #workshops #mind #qikung #online #whitetantra #alchemy #gnostic #mystic #tantric #reno #laketahoe #shamanictantra #taoist Ya get Tantric with yourself #ownyourEnergy I love you not for what you do but for what you are Forever grateful ya loon *** #RipJoelWatson....thanks yo..see I even made ya a hashtag 🤓😇 #shadowself #jungian #lovers #alchemy #eternalpulsation #thebeloved is you #norcal #amor #spiritual #vibration #carljung 

Added more ..let's get the introductions out of the way

It's called consistent except for one yr and a half

I fell back asleep...

But we wake up with more power and compassion 

Just layers



Still ...as I read the next one I can see how I was on the right track but no cigar...I was a little off


I was doing the school bus conversion part of practicing alternative living, building..I was into skoolies 


Grow your own

I was deep in wanderlust 


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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