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Use adult entertainment don't be used by it ...mmm

Just like women are all different so are men. Fantastic to experience all of it. Adult entertainment is a good way to maneuver through helpful corridors of our trends and pleasures. With intention you can find out, oh so much about yourself. If married or part of a couple situation then great! Explore what turns you on and go down the list. Call a sex talk line together, laugh together, create a fantasy with a professional over the phone. You can use it as foreplay or as a sexy experiment, as personal couple research, or even as a safe way to tip toe into a threesome. The main thing is I am not opposed in any way to adult entertainment. I have done almost everything in adult entertainment. From holding on to a ring and dancing on table tops, to dancing across the country, to private library work (been there..done that ..don't bore me by asking for webcam or anything I have already done. Been done did baby..ya missed it..and it was my wonderful life experience), to phone sex ...actually watched the spike lee movie and made jello every day to mimic the fingerling the pussy sound. Yeah. That's fake too suckahhhs. Let's see oh yes to Domina work ..successful at it. Got to $1000 an hour but I was younger and lazy lol so worked as little as possible. I admit I did it for the knowledge. I wanted to dig deep as to why someone had a fetish. I liked the mental aspect and did non sexual activity fetish. The die hards. I did suspension, trampling, scarification, cupping, electrical play, chinese water torture, etc. Closest people could get to sleeping with me was paying to be locked in a cage beside my bed. For a pretty price not a tantric journey price....please?!? And I did shows dancing, erotica ..burlesque. Worked at a torture garden and then discovered John Hawken who got me. The combination of tantra and fetish. So overall through my personal experiences I can agree that each man is oh so different and is aroused in different ways on many different levels. For example: The caller. The man who wants to tell you a story or hear your story. A nice story that he has told over and over to more than one. Getting this huge rush which if not tantric (he uses for temporary relief scratch the itch and all that). Every once in a while he will change it up .maybe dare to go deeper depending on the listener. This man usually lasts a good minute or three. Very auditory. Very similar to those that prefer auditory hallucinations vs visual trips. The story types usually stick to same one. At times it will be a first and it will be a grand one time relief but most of all, even now I will get the cheapos that want to save the 1.99 or whatever it is now and are repeat offenders of the same story. Once in a while like a man in Cali ..I know who they are and try to guess when they will say .. Oh my son is calling Or oh i gotta go. But that is if I am utterly bored. The hearing guy..loves his name being said by another. Usually has much darker stories to reveal because he is faceless and with a faceless listener. The listener can actually be whoever he chooses to imagine..another plus. The audio guy loves moans, the story build up. For couple uses . Explore this but not repeating the same 4 or 5 lines if that in porn. But say what you feel! Say Shout out what is turning you on! Release your mouth. Who cares if you say something new...or not said in a low budget porn. Cmon! Get over it. It can be a challenge, but it can also take you to more self knowledge. Know thyself. Experience eachother. Play if this is a turn on. Play phone sex and agree that there will be no judgement otherwise how can your partner break free. And take note. There are partners that will want to be extreme for lack of a better word but if you display too much suddenly ThAT is too much ..good because that gives you insight into them. They get shocked at your shit meanwhile they wanna play school girl being coerced into sex....cmon ..really? No judgement requires higher emotional intelligence but so does today's world. Next. And please remember this is a shortened version of a longer full article I am writing. Of course there are many types of adult entertainment. But this is mainly for purposes of couples and perspectives plus expansion. The strip club guy. Or woman. Visual of course. Not cheap, even if he is he still spends on the entry, expensive drinks and a tip or two. He will spend a lot at times. Will either have his special girl or allows himself all variety. He likes being talked to as a party buddy or as if it was a true date. Hr may even get another dancer involved to enjoy something as close to being with two girls as he is ever going to get. He will then have material for a nice 2 girl scene in his head for later. . .for the other head. This man usually likes the alchohol, the music, the lights, the scene. He will go with friends or alone. The girls if he is a regular, he considers his friends. On occasion this will escalate to romance. To activity outside of the strip club especially if young and fit. He likes his women, at least when just looking, fit/pretty and fun. The platonic torrid affair can exist in his mind but for the most part this man looks to have attention, seduced while being entertained. Of course the shy *needs therapy* guy will be the shy guy no matter what. On the phone he will call but not talk just breathe to let ya know he is there. In a club he will live vicariously through others. Mooch off their dances..lol..and just sit in the corner or the bar. Makes the bartender his friend. Some like the waitresses more than the dancers because they feel more aroused by the good girl in the bad place factor. For my couples. Yeah ..dancing for eachother is an idea. I had more than one bf who was an amazing lover but gave a shitty lap dance. I actually felt uncomfy for a partner. Anything and everything is a sign. So if you do create the pretend strip club night which I highly recommend Again Do so with compassion, in the spirit of fun of exploration and in the of arousing yourself. When in doubt do what turns you on. Do moves that you like. Don't pretend being a character ya don't like or feel comfy with. Don't wear something difficult to take off. Keep it simple. Use roleplay for fun and discovery. But do it up. Put lights on, get a little round table or a fun blow up couch for a silly VIP section. Get the bubbly ..create a mood music playlist. Start with strip club mainstream beats then an hour later get a good song that can be your signal to take it to a naughty stripper experience. Switch ..this can be amazing for your woman as well. Spoil eachother. Play Again. In a couple situation you get comfy and forget how to keep it spicy. If in poly relations then make it a group fun affair. Why not? Experience. If you are both comfy going into a club do so but again. Emotional intelligence and no judgement. If you are going to hide your jealousies, drink to hide them, hold onto individual insecurities Do Not Go. And please...you know yourself at least In the very least..you know yourself that much. This has only been 2 examples. I will share 3 more in the next blog post. Experience and enjoy eachother. Use adult entertainment Don't be used by it. 😋

Take the wording lightly as a reader too. I do no write *Needs therapy* for example, to make fun. On the contrary it is very real. Some people can not be IN the action out of anxiety or being too empathetic etc. Open mind when reading. 


Just like opening up yo the fact that some positions are good for your health!!

Do your partners a favor. Fuck them healthy. 

Am also sharing here a post from Instagram and the amazing post from @royalspecialty on tumblr because I am not the only one vibing this way.  

Rad love 

I post a lot there in story mode from mini meditations to mudras etc and silliness because I am never that serious that I can't laugh at all of this.