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Alcohol Caffeine and Kundalini

“Alcohol kills brain cells, opens the door for entity infection, dehydrates the entire system, provides a euphoria that the ego attaches to. It is not healthy and indeed is itself toxic and invites more impurity and toxicity. Caffeine pushes the adrenals too far as Kundalini also taxes the adrenals at the same time and this invites adrenal burnout. It also negatively impacts the digestive system because of the overdose of adrenaline in the bloodstream. It also invites psychosis by causing the body to go into that fight or flee hormonal response with nothing to fight or flee. The body is in a response to a fear that is not present. This raises the blood pressure, increases the heart rate, overstimulates the neural system. Caffeine and Kundalini at the same time has a very similar effect as an addict to methamphetamine will have. Including the negative painful experiences of psychosis. This does not happen the same way for everyone. The Kundalini in me is adamant about the discontinuation of caffeine intake within the first few years of activation and for some people will make that a very easy thing to do. For others it will be a retraining of the ego away from egotistical desire for easy energy.” @chrizm #tumblr