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Dark night of the soul when absolutely aware of yo shit

You may call it the dark night of the soul round 2, if you will Because if awakening you know that you can No longer point the finger at any one else. You are woke motha fuckah! In this round in humble awareness I know that only I can heal my karma. No matter how you say it. Inner journey is part of this level but after the journey there is more.

You believe it ends. But even if you die it doesn't end. In any case you will continue on experiencing death. You say death is an end, without even knowing. . The abyss is foreign to you perhaps and that be ok. For you are evolving. There is no "enlightenment" Enlightening..in action..happening flowing. Yes. So in the deeper flow of things that is why no one can help you. Its Math and science Just like you can give people your energy and although it gives people a temporary jolt of help, they can not use it. They vibe at a different frequency. And it simply lingers waiting for the proper vessel to spin into. Meaning you. That is a very very simplified version. But in the same respect. Only you can cleanse yourself. Mind Body Will Upper mind Physical body heart mind that keeps the body going Lower mind - The Gut mind Three minds of traditional tao. As a great master said "I am obviously going through the hells I created for myself." And he wasn't talking the fire and red guy with horns. He was talking about whatever we are going through. I embrace the neurological pain and shut down and opportunity to self heal. I am very light Illicit light But just as I am light I was dark. We all dish out much more than we can handle when it is served back to us, according to some. But in another perspective we know in advance and we work within the system design...in perfect order. In our own time we give ourselves that which we need on order to return to Our highest vibration and then into the unknown of the abyss. Not scary. We entered this realm remembering some or all and in infancy experience the vanishing of knowing what we are.. The abyss just is. Never fear death. The suffering The slow death Is our programmed fear. Face your personal hells or not. It is not for everyone. Takes all you are. With great reason! "Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it is dark and only HE can turn around " Shasta Abbey Rev Master P.T.N.H Jiyu Kennett. M.O.B.C

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