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Use and enjoy Adult entertainment.Don't be used by it (part deux)

The Porn aficionado

It always seems ever so interesting and funny how man constantly invents things and then becomes their slave. 



Cell phones. . .

Among other things. 

Porn has already been described here throughout the blog. 

For purposes of this post we will stick to the intention of this one. 

The porn guy (or woman of course), for all of these. 

The porn afcionado is visual, of course, and  the watcher, the one having the experience has the option to have auditory stimulation along with it not just see it and choose it. No, no, no. He can somewhat pick what he will watch, if he will have sounds or not and the watcher can even fast forward and pause. 

A tad more "control" involved. 

Unlike the strip club attendee this person doesn't give a shit about the VIP area, the being watched while he/she is being entertained. No this person is more comfy in private. This person is however, just as much a voyeour. 

The movies, no matter what they are, have the power to immerse us into a played scenario we feel we are a part of. 

Many will skip to the main visuals and rub one right off. 

Some like watching the whole thing and the power of being able to turn this off and on increases the added security and safe. . .I am in private and no one is going to know the sick shit I watch. 



Trying to transition to the couples with a light hearted vibe. 

The porn factor or huge perk is that it gives the single or couple a chance to speed up the process by feeding the mind, entertaining the mind verses each other. 

Sad but true. 

That need for instant gratification. 

Push a button and be entertained.  Simple. 

In today's world man is pushed to work and consume so much that making time to enjoy sex is a hassle. Good sex. Really good sex. Not scratch an itch sex. 

Choosing porn as a quick alternative to human interaction due to insecurity,  lack of time, anxiety, dealing with performance issues is an option many cling to. 

Much easier and one that isn't healthy. But undoubtedly faster. And instant gratification easier. 

Wank n dump out all your energies and power at the push of a button. Yeay! Speed it up! No time no time. 

Let's not get into my stance on consumerism and not having time for good sex. We know where that will go. 

But let's watch porn. 

It IS entertainment and used to have alternative interesting positions and roleplay. 

These days it seems to be like scary movies..same sequence, same positions however if in need of ideas and you are not creative at all, these still can serve that purpose. 

Just remember your different perspectives. 


A bunch of paid dicks often not pretty or attractive men trying to stuff one pussy may not be appealing to your wife. She may want to see a lot of dicks too but attached to a bunch of hot guys. 

Maybe 3 of these. 

Not objectifying, just saying...

Or think about how hot, beautiful as fuck the big well paid female porn stars are and what we get. 

I like this am sure many of the women of this world woule love to see faces and bodies like these in porn. 

Young, whatever race,  older but by goddess we would also love hot eye Candy as well. 

Mmmmmmmmm. Ok am back. 

Drooling on the screen. 

0r different women like different looks and things in the women they are aroused by. 

I like either very tiny or long legs I can climb in a woman. Tits I prefer tiny. 

I like wholesome and no ink necessarily. 

No offense but not all men in porn are fantasy material for all women. And in my case long legs are rare in porn. 

So if watching the porn together with your opposite sex partner,  make sure the male actors are just as hot ad the chicks, as best you can. 

Oh ..don't know your woman's deep sexy fantasy type?

Sounds like a personal problem. Insecure that the fantasy partner or that guys in the porn are hotter than your pudgy lil cute self? 

 Or that your partner also likes the total opposite of you? 

It is a fantasy isn't it?

If you are insecure about it think about how, perhaps, your partner feels as well. 

Let's go deeper.

When watching porn together with a  partner, most men choose a movie they believe the partner will like. The woman then faced by limited choices just gives into whatever.  

Then one scenario that often happens is they proceed to begin and as is tradition ..woman misses most of the movie as the Male watches and woman serves. 

That is good. (Sarcasm giggles) variety for the Male. The female or other partner may experience a relief due to the fact that it's less work for them to arouse the partner and hopefully get fucked better due to the watchers additional help at "bringing it". 

Interesting and sad all at once. A sort of sacrificial vibe to that one. 

Another thing that often happens is that one partner consistently picks the same type of porn or with same types of actors or actresses favorite ones. 

Which is great but they may not be your partners favorites. If you all have low emotional intelligence and low self esteem this gets triggered during these moments when what you want is pleasure not trauma. 

When watching a threesome your partner if female may wish to watch a threesome with 3 women or two men and a woman or a multi cultural threesome.  

Your partner if female or gay, queer etc. may want to watch a gay movie or a movie produced by a woman for women.  

They exist. And they are not made for the Male eye, they are tailored for the female viewer. 

The aesthetics are usually better, the music, the glam or the sensuality is enhanced and other peaks are displayed. 

Watching movies together can be fun. I used to like and still do, like sounds. I like a room full of moans. A room with music and moans makes for a proper setting. Put two or three movies on. Use those phones, tablets and technology to create a love nest filled with moans and sexy sighs, bodies mingling sounds. 

Ya don't have to watch. 

But if you do also remember non judgement.  

If your partner pulls out family guy porn or avatar parody porn, She Male porn ..non judgement. (Ofcourse movies of a snuff, that portray lack of consent and bestiality would be ok to judge..maybe consider what's up with your partner or yourself.lol. all good but handle it.

I tell partners to allow eachother to pick openly and again 

Without judgement. 

If you have a loving "relationship " judgement should not play a part. 

The only way to get closer is by creating a nurturing environment where all are safe to play. Pay mind to silent manipulators as they will shine displaying their true insecurities here. 

For example many white exes felt jealousy over my liking black men in pictures.  

I love black skin in pictures but don't like watching black men in porn reduced to either 

Big black dicks, with no other considerations

Pretty face

Good language skills or intellect.  

A hot sexy Godiva chocolate I will watch ..a man who represents a thug fucking a lil white girl may not always be appealing to your partner. 

I had a very attractive mixed boyfriend with ash blonde curls and green eyes but a black man like they are portrayed in porn isn't attractive to me ..doesn't make me wet. 

Understand that the other viewer not only has a different perspective but holds other fantasies and she may just like to think about them but have no desire to make them come true. Your insecurities are all you. 

A woman may fantasize about being taken through the forest by Pan or some mythical creature but it's just that a fantasy. 

Just like for a man landing in a bed with 100 women may be a dream that he knows won't come true or if it did that he would die trying to take advantage of lol,  perhaps,  but he still likes to wank to the idea!

Similar and yet also very different. 

Minding your own vibe. 

Men will get affected on the insecure level just like women. 

If the man in the movie  is super well endowed and Male watcher, is not but wife or other partner is getting wetter than ever an insecure Male partner will be as butthurt as a chubby woman watching her man get hard over a spinner (skinny chick). 

If people are insecure, possesive, not open,  don't feel nurtured porn is not the best for the long haul.  

At all. 

I have heard complaints from both ends. Between two secure people who get that this is absolute entertainment made to serve you not you


Then porn can be absolutely delicious and a great add on to your excitement building stage. 

Long porn one. 

Another fantastic idea is make videos for eachother. Entertain each other.  

Next blog will be on the sex club lifestyle,  a little montage on the peep show, web cam and sexting chat subscriber and a few other adult entertainment tools to use. 

Reality bites but are you in this for mutual pleasure or not. If not don't include someone else into your drama. 

Much love the teachings of Shaktidurgatantra.com 



After this blog am posting two not related

And then a Poly one🙏😋✌

To get started on that subject ..