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Use Adult entertainment contd sex club twist

So Govenah 

To continue. 

Of course we have peep shows, burlesque (where I started. Fan dancing and at the Body Shop mentioned in Girls Girls Girls where we only got topless for last 30 seconds of song ..last song. Only sat with someone if they got champagne.  Mmmhhhmmm ).

You have magazines and some men get into erotica more so outside of USA but they do. 

I also did private library work in Fetish. 

I did extreme kinks

No sex

I did scarification, suspension, water torture, electrical play, etc. You feel me. 

So fetish and sex clubs. 

Let's do this. 

Sex clubs first because it will be shorter. 

A sex club swinger club individual is an exhibition oriented person. A voyeur. Some people are just one and not the other. 

They like being watched. 

I like watching, and o like the ladies more in this environment. 

I couldnt take porn seriously so watching at a sex club was fantastic!

I also do not like as I later evolved, going with an agenda to get us a new toy. I don't because of my path. No agendas. 

My partner can't need to use me to get his jollies off either. Not cool. 

Right there. Not interested in treating someone like a toy. 

Moving on. 

You can go with your couple and enjoy those two lovely things.  Watch and be watched by whom you give consent to.  

You don't have to give consent to anyone or anything you don't want.  Why would you?

You can go but again, discuss it. 

If either party is going to say 

Yeah! I love watching but then once in there you expect your partner to look at the walls then don't.  

If while you are in this new experience  you get uncomfortable then express it lovingly. 

"Babe...I guess this doesn't feel right. Maybe I (I) am not ready to watch you get excited while enjoying looking at others".

If that is said to you, you must respect and honor that, there is nothing more to discuss. 

Be compassionate towards the one you love. 

And if you were feeling the same express it. Don't fluff your ego and not express "your" truth. 

Move on. 

Do something else. then if more needs to be said don't ruin the night out. Make it a point to say, if you feel like processing or thinking about it and want to talk in a couple of days am here for you. 

End story. 

If your partner shows emotional support  a d intelligence then you give back the same.

Move on don't 

Let your insecurities take away from the value of having a compassionate lover. 

If you find out you like it and are open to it then do so but never ever throw your partners actions while there in their face later. 

You allowed it 

You weren't raw and you got bit

That is on you. 

If you realize this is cool but just this once 


If you both laugh out the door and say no

Not again. 

That's ok too

If you can't  even remember how many people you were with ..that is cool too. 

If you want to try it but maybe on a cruise or in a more posh club

Go for it. 

If you pay and just walk around and just can't  do it. Then ok. If your partner makes a big deal then you both need to express yourselves away from the setting with love and compassion. 

If not going to a sex club is a deal breaker then ..what is the relationship about?

Obviously it has triggered something. 

Look for one mutually. 

Discuss what is important. 

Are you each ok with being with other people?

Or are you as a Male only ok with your goddess only doing other goddeses?

Where do you srand?

If you want you can even set a half time, during your outing to discuss any change of plans, mind, feelz. 

Once there you may decide 

fuck it honey 

Let's go crazy just once and never think about this again. 

Who knows?

Research reviews and Always be honest with yourself.

If you only want to go for your partner to like you more 

Love you more. 

Do not go and do that to them. Misleading 

Not authentic. 

If you don't know why you want to go then express that too. 

Nurture yourselves. cultivate your union with good authentic soil for good stuff to grow.