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Tantra Monday Feels

“When phonetic combinations are made with wisdom, mantras are produced. Therefore, a mantra is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic, and also physical effects.” —Samael Aun Weor   

“Man is a God in the making; and the Symbol of God is the Sun, which again scintillates and glitters when its light falls upon the earthly diamond. Therefore: no matter how highly evolved a man may be, he can never be compared with that golden Emblem in the sky, which floods the worlds around it with Light and Life  . . . although even the Sun itself is but a feeble reflection of the Hidden Sun; which is the true and highest Deity of all the Cosmic worlds within the Universe.”— Jean Michaud, The Quest of Ruru 

Tibetan mysticism teaches there are no obstacles to enlightenment. Traditionally in India enlightenment was called Brahman Jhana. Brahman means universal consciousness, Jhana means to realise. Consciousness is universal to all beings. Consciousness is what we all have and is at all levels of individual awareness (3 bodies). At the astral level we can see how consciousness reaches into the cosmos. There are no obstacles to enlightenment as all the forms are not continuing but appearing and disappearing into consciousness. Thus the forms are the demiurge, the fallen (non eternal).  

"The Spirit of man that comes into direct and conscious relations with the world of Spirit acquires real knowledge; while the Spirit of man which lives imprisoned in the body, and is merely fed through the senses with crumbs of knowledge, possesses the unreal only." 

 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky