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Past Life Regression special Tantra Daily

Must call for free consultation 

All done through Shamanic breath and holotropic 


Our goals are loose to allow the journey flow 

However we attempt to go through back into at least 2 lifetimes 

2 to 3 important times in them

And use the journey to answer some questions you may have always had

To perhaps revolve around Twin Flame 

Karmic flame situations

Help in finding confirmation for things etc

Takes a good 2 hours

A lot of breathing ooooo


And open mind 

Mention the Blog for an added partner and yourself discount 

Or a single discount

Am excited to offer these to more people

Call. Mention and come journey 

Let's go Back to the Past

Or is it the present?

If you get a small group of 4 I can do a large discount as well. 

Groups of 4 are max for this. .

''The experience of the ultimate, is always the same. But the expression can be different. The expression depends on the mystic; the experience does not depend on him.'' -Osho Art by Shanti Herrington 

“In the end all we experience is ourselves.” - F.Nietzsche