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Tantra Daily

I wanted to share the quoted paragraph  from positive health, because it applies to healing or anything AND IS precisely why I Only feed open mouths. 

Why I want to do tons of journeys before leaving but only to those that are open to them.

If you are not it is a waste. 

In life ..help and feed only open mouths if you truly know about energy or self care. And if you don't start doing so. 

Huge difference. 

In my journeys I mention alot and use an array of the Egyptian which to me is as sacred when mentioning the various schools of Tantra. Which now stretch through to Neo ..Post Neo..Urban and then some. Much love Shakti www.shaktidurgatantra ------------------ ------------------ In Sekhem healing, a person is viewed as a whole energetic system with the physical body at the core. However, a Sekhem healer would work more specifically in the energy body, or aura, as it is here that illness first begins as a blockage in one of the energetic bodies or layers. In Sekhem, healing is seen very much as a two way process. It is a way of supporting a person during their own healing journey. The Sekhem energy is taken by the client at the level of the higher self, so only the exact amount needed is taken. Sekhem cannot be given if it is not wanted, and neither can a Sekhem practitioner heal a person if that person chooses (for whatever reason) not to be healed. Via positive health. ------------------------------------ Last couple of months of #tantricjourneys on the west coast. Still time to #master your #energy #ownthemind #activate the #sacred #masculine #higherheart #divinefeminine Also can receive #mayanwombmassage Non massage offerings are: #pastliferegression #sexualkarmicCleansing #mayanKarmicCleansing #guidedmeditation #lomilomi #lymphatic #therapeutic #massage #holotropic #breath for PTSD and for #alteredstate through breath Please contact if d Someone you care for believes in Shamanic laying of hands etc***Free #hospital and #hospice visits if near for death bed assistance or healing hands or healing medicine #healer #nevada #sierranevada 😘😘 Final Note.. Less time for multiple posts, Hail beloved Goddess Sekhmet bringer of destruction and healing Much like my beloved Baron Samedi OPEN YOUR FUCKING CAGE IF SEPARATING EACHOTHER IF YOU LOOK PAST WHAT THEY TAUGHT TO DIVIDE US You FIND : All Paths All mothafucking paths have the similarities we were kept from as they divided us. Read. Don't believe the culture that you follow It is an illusion you should recognize it An illusion much like yourself 


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