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Tantric Massage and more 411 for newbies

Tantric massage is an immersive, sensual experience which aims to harness the sexual energies of the body for relaxation and healing in almost all other areas of life. It incorporates breathing techniques and genital stimulation as well as full body to body massage to promote complete relaxation of the mind and body, and bring you to a state of complete bliss. It will leave you feeling happier and more confident in your everyday life, and encourage the healthy expression of your sexual self. Many people mistake tantra and tantric massage for a sexual service. So what is the tantric massage meaning? While the experience is deeply erotic and arousing, it aims to use the body’s sexual energies to promote healing and wellbeing in all areas of life rather than merely giving pleasure. Sexual energy is an incredibly powerful force, and tantric massage is one of the easiest ways to harness it to become more relaxed, confident, and sexually and emotionally self-aware. Origins and History Tantra has been practiced for more than 9,000 years, but it was only developed into a massage technique fairly recently. In the East it began as part of the Vedic tradition, a type of meditation that allowed the practitioner to achieve higher levels of spirituality. Tantric massage uses manual therapy to stimulate relaxation and pleasure within the mind and body, in order to achieve a similar state of self-awareness and consciousness. Tantric massage was first developed by Germany in the 1980s. Later, the Lingam (phallus) and Yoni (vulva/vagina) massages were developed by Joseph Kramer and famed American sex educator Annie Sprinkle respectively. Tantric massage, like tantra, is divided into giving and receiving. These roles are fairly strict in both tantric sex and tantric massage – the recipient must completely surrender themselves to being pleasured by the giver. In this way they are free to simply experience the pleasure of the massage, without concerning themselves with reciprocating, and concentrating on the heightening of their own sensuality. What Makes it ‘Tantric’? The art of tantra is thousands of years old, a technique that allows two people to unlock and fully experience the deep, erotic power of both their bodies. It literally means the expansion and weaving of energy, and focuses on meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to achieve a higher consciousness using sexual energy. Tantric sex is about worshipping your partner as a deity, and encourages people to treat each other and their lovemaking with reverence. During orgasm, the mind is at its quietest – this is the goal of most meditation. Many people find that tantric sex is a near religious experience, weaving their spirituality with the energies of their body and allowing them to be fully present in every moment as it occurs. You may have heard about tantric sex as a technique to increase staying power. The truth is that the extended lovemaking that results from tantric sex is merely a happy by-product of the main ritual. If you can remain aroused for more than about 30 minutes, you will begin to experience this state of transcendence. During ordinary sex, this state is fleeting and only happens during orgasm. During tantric sex, this state persists throughout. It is this state that a tantric massage will induce and sustain. Tantric massage combines the techniques of tantra and the techniques of massage to create an experience that is not about sexuality, but aims to relax and calm the mind and body while creating an arousing and sensual experience very similar to tantra. It unlocks sexual potential and emotional blockages and promotes confidence and wellbeing. While the massage is not about sexuality, it will help you to harness the incredible power of your orgasm and more finely control it, allowing you to use that power in every other area of your life. Tantric sex is about aiding your body to relax so as to allow the sexual energies within you to flow freely. Part of that relaxation is due to breathing techniques – tantric massage uses body to body massage combined with breathing techniques in order to fully relax the mind and body and allow that sexual energy to surge forth. How Tantric Massage Has Developed Over Time As tantric massage migrated from East to West, it took on new aspects. In the East it is used mainly as a meditation technique, but in the West we use it for medical reasons as well. This might include healing from trauma, aiding with anxiety or self-esteem issues, and even embracing sexuality and improving our sex lives. In particular, men can benefit from learning how to embrace their sexuality. Women can also experience great benefits from tantric massage, as they are able to relax and allow themselves to be given pleasure without worrying about having to perform. Health and Wellbeing Benefits The health benefits of a tantric massage are enormous – as well as all the relaxation of a general massage, you will also experience an increase in your sexual confidence. Issues such as premature ejaculation can be aided greatly with this type of massage, and with repeated sessions you will find that your confidence and prowess will skyrocket. The breathing techniques you will learn will help you to control your orgasm much better, and you can use them to increase the sensuality and intensity of your lovemaking. Tantric massage is deeply therapeutic, and will help you to know yourself better. This means that you will be better able to overcome emotional and self-esteem issues, which are often at the root of sexual dysfunction. You will also find that you sleep better and much more deeply, helping your body to heal itself long after the effects of the massage. If you have issues with stress, you will find that tantric massage can help with those too, making you feel much more relaxed and confident between sessions. In addition to those benefits, tantric massage can also aid in pain relief, soothing those everyday aches away. It can help boost your immune system as well, making you less susceptible to colds and other illnesses. If you do reach climax during your massage then this has its own benefits, releasing feel-good hormones into your body that will keep you buoyed up for hours after the session has ended. As well as being extremely pleasurable, a tantric massage can be a great boost to your confidence both in and out of the bedroom. It can help you to reconnect with your emotions and spirituality 

When you receive a tantric massage you must surrender yourself to the experience completely, and allow yourself to passively receive pleasure. Your duty is to receive, and to be fully present in the moment, experiencing each feeling as it arises. Don’t try to reciprocate, but allow your mind and body to simply be pleasured. 

Forever Tantric 

It is yummy but not for everyone and that is just fine. 



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