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Social media round up & podcast

new episode Part 1 Deeper journey up the chakras, ❤🙏❤ check it out (These are great for microdosing psychedelic journeys too, so as if to feel shaman with you. Be guided in breath and Enviro Ambient music) https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-iq9sx-b73ff3 

new episode part 2 deeper journey up the chakras https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-z4cyu-b73ffc 

The erotic instinct is something questionable, and will always be so whatever a future set of laws may have to say on the matter. It belongs, on the one hand, to the original animal nature of man, which will exist as long as man has an animal body. On the other hand, it is connected with the highest forms of the spirit. But it blooms only when the spirit and instinct are in true harmony. If one or the other aspect is missing, then an injury occurs, or at least there is a one-sided lack of balance which easily slips into the pathological. Too much of the animal disfigures the civilized human being, too much culture makes a sick animal.” – Carl Jung, The Psychology of the Unconscious 

Whatchu holding onto. What desires you got going on??? There so so many types of people, as many as there are stars in the universe. Some Do really do have a hard time quieting the mind. First sign they are going to wrestle with their minds right before my eyes ? ☆☆ they have different physical signs like inability to melt into the bed, but biggest one. ●they start off right away participating in the narration of the guided meditation. One time I had to say "sssshhhh hush your mind, for just one second" Another time "The action is simply to breathe. To follow the guided to listen then to slip into the space of the one who is listening That can not happen if you are saying *yes * mhhhmm* and agreeing with me but unable to give To give Not even able to control those lips" If you can't control your mind, your emotions from taking over and your dick ...why do you believe you are in control? So its brutally easy to read and get diagnostics done. The hot and cold low or hyper chakras Etc 

Every day there are teachings on the IG-Instagram  Duhhhhh #justsayin🤔 🖤🙏🖤👀👁👀👁👁👁👁 But ya gotta #contemplate and #do the practice in little ways every day. Your #lifepractice that is. ●○●○□○□▪■■■■■■○ This might be something to contemplate oh my! In the neutral space of consciousness, by accepting and not judging everything we experience in that moment (it is neither good nor bad, just it is): body sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Once you have reached this state of consciousness, you can enter into connection with a person. The practice tends to reduce the “Ego”, to free the true “Self”, a single point of consciousness that can be achieved with the awareness of the present moment. 

If you want instant gratification A wank n tug And find it too hard to fuck and breathe right Are frustrated Don't have the guts or soulful strength to own your mind .... Tantra CAN be for you But at the moment of the Now With that mental and emotional stance Tantra is not for you. Let's not play games or sell ya watered down "let's just look into eachother's eyes and have allow our genitalia to touch" uhhhh ohhhhkay and call it a day! in a physical yabyum position, but not a true one it is not tantra You should explore any options urban or whatever to see if something anything resonates. Arouses your soul. But if you are a phone n wanker, instant gratification junkie etc Your Tantra is not something all minds can grasp Because first rule of #tantraClub Is you let go of the mind Then you straddle your mind and Own it Second rule of #tantraclub Read the first Then #getdown with the #letgo www.shaktidurgatantra.com #nevada #bookingnow #miami #hawaii prebooking #tantra #tantricjourneys #outofbody #psychonaught #openheart #openmind #breath #navigate #surrender I know...from total absolute experience. I am not just the club owner lmfao I Ran from my path faster than anyone could many a time We are in the human form after all...illusion delusion is part of it. ❤

Sexual freedom does not mean you Fuck the world

It means you own your sexuality

Your free will

And choose in a way that makes your soul vibrate higher Not Lower.