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A solid healing recipe for all your Chakras

I was going to put this just with the Heart chakra but this is legit honest raw healing for all the chakras so am placing this here and my blog on site because this is real.

And few will call it out like this.

But I am not your average guru. And I am brutally honest the more I grow.

I might as well make people income being myself than somebody else. Abd ya always going to make somebody itch or uncomfortable.


Healing the heart and other Chakras

The heart chakra can be greatly assisted by the strengthening of the chakras around it.

Just like it can affect them it can also be helped by them.

The main thing for all, the main thing to do when it comes to Healing all ...

👉 is being true and open to the observation of your self.

Not of your partner or of others but of yourself and then deeper of yourself with yourself

Yourself towards yourself

Yourself as yourself.

Allow yourselves to be alone a minute or two a weekend a day or two half a day...or a week ..


The distraction of your phone

Without being entertained by the illusion or by the sales or by others reacting or by news, social media or anything at all.

Who are You?

Who and what has been suppressed and what is it you want because of others or want because of tradition or want because it's time or want because of anything but you.

Analyse those things. All that YOU want

Take the facts

And facts alone and be truthful to yourself.

Because life is not about being who anyone else dreamed to be.

Life is not about changing a partner who happens to be great BUT if they could just change a couple of things they would be perfect!

The kind of truth that says

Well I don't feel old but

I don't feel ugly but

I bust my ass because or

I bust my ass and don't complain because I was taught to not complain..



The out right hands down way to get your chakras healed is very simple and something many practices will make complicated to sell more shit.

Be honest and Raw with yourself.

Look at the Facts

Observe yourself

No judgement

Admit if you tend to be angry



Self loathing


Over reactive

Compare culture compare it all

Admit if you react or respond

Admit to yourself if you are a good listener or not

Accept if you ever belly laugh

Or if you have coal up your ass ready to turn into a diamond

Accept if you are smothering.

Accept if you are addicted to sex

Or coming

Are you addicted to the act or the orgasm

The act or the people

The act or


Accept your answers

Admit to yourself what you hide


Admit your inner thoughts accept them

Release the guilt and let them go

A man can do one bad thing.

And ruin the rest of his life

A woman as well all because of clinging to mistakes, clinging to what could be what they did

Boo hoo

And carry that guilt but not do a damn thing towards facing it

confronting it

and doing actions that adjust the dial

It's very important to not hide or keep the answers of all of this to/ from yourself.

It is very liberating to live a life you


The real you

The unconditioned you


The one you do not have to cope to live

It is possible

And Dang Right

You will FUCK better once you have un-fucked yourself.

But to get to that liberation you take a big bite out if that darkness a grind it into light~ I guess.

What kind of love were you raised with?

What examples did you have growing up?

What gave you lived with?

What examples did you live?

What do you do because of tradition?


Did you grow up online?

What are you like ?

Just throwing that out there for those who can do serious introspection at this time

Without too many bells and whistles gadgets or buddha teas and crystals..which are all good and delicious!!! Without all that jazz and fuss..

Do the two or three days of straight up silence or darkness or just being all day and working or creating and listening to your true inner chatter.

Observe yourself. A week a day an hour a day

But do it.

You wanna heal a chakra

Look at yourself. No judgement

It is about you.

You are the calvary

You are the viagra

You are the warrior

You are the goddess

You are the worshipped

You are the lover

And the loved

You are the action

The actor

The observed and the observing



Do this

And you also know deep down how to get the answers you desire

A hard cock

Rock hard

You got it.

You must allow it

Enjoy it

An ovarian palace in your pelvic goddess bowl? You have it

A root

An energy body

A connection

You got it


Even stardust baby

So if ya can't get away at least observe your thoughts while you sit





That courage is what leads to balanced chakras.

Much love Shakti

©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts

You wanna make it easier and faster?

it can be

Ya just gotta be raw honest and courageous and that alone I bet will begin to get that cock harder or let that inner goddess out

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Best quality safe for environment and best quality