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An Empathic pattern in the mix

It forces you to surrender, almost, most definitely a force. A force to stay open, after a pendulum swing to a farther extreme, a deeper swing in the other direction and so it goes. Setting a perfect possibility for the spiral. In a most chaotic way. Drop the resistance Saying it a little softer,

one can say, life is opening you up ever go gently. Life, I am surrendered, letting it pour out of me. Life flows through you Through me. Life just Is.

(Art BK the Artist) Being more Empathic, You see more Feel more Receive more ( in awareness you receive more because the increased awareness itself opens you up so it is inevitable). And because you feel more balance is the only way through and out though is there an in or out? It's a mystery and so it goes. The desire for balance pops up like a seed through out the journey growing in synchronous manner. Once Awareness is up, you realize it would seem , it seems, it feels as if you were always processing. You feel, sense, experience, questioning: are they his feelings, am I projecting, whose projection is this? Awareness can increase the overthinking in a mind that does not get known as a tool and owned. At times thoughts of others, Belonging to them not you enter in vision or glitch. Your connection to the web, grid within the grid is deeper in you, and your point of perspective. This is real. You experience this. Synchronicity, Deja Vu, premonitions, pre-cognitions, you receive above all confirmation. Universe tells you so. If you are not in the mindset, right headspace, which can happen, there are anomalies, it is mathematical after all to a certain extent the rest be energy, art the mystery of beauty that needs not be understood. Feeling increased respect for the outer and inner, higher compassion, opens the heart as it too is in it's evolution. You develop increased logic, at the same time in unison, opening energy centers, the need for increased or begining a spiritual physical practice is born. Wanting to experience that body mind connection more because in awareness the relationships are changing. The body reacts and feels, the need to feed itself better, care for it's temple self. At times not even knowing why. The body craves more life. Because it is entering into awareness that it is life itself. This in turn helps increase the energy flow. For some EmpathIcs the emotions and feels, the connections, the experience, is getting and been Real. In another part of the spectrum of this, many experience deeper meditations, clearer focus, opening of energy centers, more energy less food. In the earlier years, steps and moments of learning, moments of learning to use your skills involve everything from simply accessing that much of what you are feeling is not you although in the deeper sense it is, to monitoring when you want to shield yourself (in whatever way, be it by not showing up to places or not acting which is still an action a resistance), or figuring out what to do once you have sensed something if anything at all. Skills can cause pain at times, seeing a dark moment in the future or sensing it, having to leave a crowded place, over stimulation higher than others, all these are very real and not for just a handful of people but for many. In becoming more compassionate, you are now able to love more for you are becoming coming into the realization of what you are. In the same respect, we continue; more compassionate, more logical, and that and things like that begin to make more visible the equation To & of the Balance. Balance begins to be reached. More and more you begin to sense things at ease, you are pulled towards things more organic. The plant medicine be it psychedelic inducing or not. All you can find is what was and has been there all along. * The desire to experience yourself IN different ways can be had at many levels and from many perspectives, but the plant medicine seems to be, since the begining of time something people gravitated to. Only to receive again, more confirmation of that which they already knew.* *The plant medicine gives that confirmation and though you have known all is intertwined, connected and more than what it seems, seeing it and experiencing it raises that awareness even more. Left undeveloped and not integrated then it can turn on you. If you don't respect the practice or the plant it will get you and not necessarily only through a stronger purge. It can cause more anxiety, when things are unraveled and magnified by the plant medicine for you if not addressed then the house cleaning of the Ayahuasca will truly make an impact as it has the potential to. More on that in another blog. Very soon.

(art by BK the Artist) All these things happening create the need to own the mind. Energy expands throughout the Energy body and the higher consciousness gets.... (further, deeper, stronger all do not apply for this can not really be described in the planetary measure words). Now we have the visual awareness of the spiral. The path is seen, though it may take more courage, cleansing, healing to walk it. But you see, you heal as you walk it. In seeing who and what you are solitude increases. This is the most common similarity and one of the ones that takes people down or higher. Solitude is necessary at many times in the spiral path. We say spiral because just like your dna strand is a spiral so is the "path" the journey even if just to outline the situations and highs and lows of a lifetime. It doesn't just go straight because we are in duality and the cause and effect create a pendulum swing effect ... Spirals Solitude becomes necessary as all opens up. Energy centers, chakras, intuition, compassion etc. simply because it is a lot to digest. Even more so if being experienced in a pandemic or in today's environment & environmental climate. However it may be a bit harder for some than for others here the main darkness is confronted. By increasing energy you seem to have gotten to the exact other side of your point of perspective in this. That is. Just from working with people and observation plus visions, dreams confirming it, the time when in this walk people need or crave more solitude is when they begin to have to make the choice of embracing their dark shadow and if they do they very well can achieve integration of self within the very and only self. Disappearing once integrated into nothing and all. If they do not listen to that need then they run the risk of becoming overwhelmed. Of the higher faster vibrating energy increasing sensitivity to a more uncomfortable level. Which by coincidence will achieve the same as going the solitude way. Open the person up, even if the person goes down a path of addiction or negative extremes due to the weakness caused by fear of facing their shadow selves,what will happen is the shadow side gets all that energy and simply comes out. At rock bottom or even at times forced by physical conditions to be alone. The Necessary adjustment of energy flow is had once that person is crushed. You will open up to receive one way or another. It is inevitable. However, if solitude is had then there is time to do the plant medicine properly, to have a guide or therapy, to be more authentic with your circle then expand outside of your circle.

I Will continue more on the empathic and pattern observations plus more medicine be it plant or anal, which is next the lovely Bufo etc. But wanted to pass on these pattern observations first. This is just a skeleton observation a mapping or a common pattern that can be one of many that lead to enlightenment. Many were already more sensitive than others. By birth since long ago. Descriptive tales whether im cuneiform, tablets, drills or art exist. As the environment of our world has changed demanding more mental activity, increasing stimuli and increasing the distance/difference between those who are sensitive and those who are not. The ones who are not are deep in the illusion, repeating like parrots all that they hear and not believing it but instead believing whatever allows them to form an identity as their identity slips away through their weakened selves imitating all that they see. Instead of living out and through their own minds/souls/energy bodies they are enslaved by what they perceive. So much so that their reaction 🆚 response to their point of perception enslaves them. Whether they are rich or poor,if in that situation the traumas or darker shadows prevail. The over stimulation that exists in today's western modern world is overwhelming for slow chill non Empathic people at times. It is heightened in a true Empathic and can be brutal for those that continue receiving more energy without flow and allowing it to remain stagnant stuck in the body. Processing on overdrive. All from the constant youtube sales calls. Yeah. Not Ads the Ads are what we were taught to call them. But in an 8 minute song/ video you have to click "skip ad" 3 or 4 times that just very well is NOT listening to music. It is getting mildly entertained by very pushy advertisers ..it's like having jehovah's witnesses or political canvassers knock on your door 50 times a day. That is what listening to music on free youtube is like. Over stimulating when all the person wants is to listen to music with the final goal still being to get you to buy do you can listen in peace. That is just a common, lived by many example of how it is. Constant. Now if that person is deeper more sensitive Empathic he or she may even feel the energy of that. The desperate vibe, the pushy vibration and more. Outside on the road, billboards,lights, store lights all will be a part of that empathic experience because being Empathic is about heightened sensitivity. Not all are sensitive in all the senses or in the same areas but some common things exist between today's empathics who *also* dive into the aware advancement of their energy bodies.

If you are seeing these pattern son your development in this lifetime, listen to them.

In awareness..

I know nothing I simply See and receive